About Us

About Us

The Hot Spot - Australia's most popular adult novelty playground!

We are an Australian company, who believe in customer service, quality products and value for money.

We believe sex should be fun. Sometimes it can be monotonous, or hard to find time to be together, but by adding some of our products into the mix, you can spice it up again! 

Choose how adventurous you want to be. Use the products on your own or with a partner. 

We strongly recommend that you wash all products with soapy water before their first use, and after every use to minimise bacteria. If sharing toys we also suggest using a condom to prevent STDs.

Apart from restoring a healthy relationship, other benefits of regular sex and physical touch include lower blood pressure, lower heart attack risk, improves sleep, eases stress, anxiety and depression, better immunity, and better bladder control.

We value customer feedback as part of providing you with excellent customer service. You can contact us at admin@thehotspot.com.au or visit the contact us page.

Storage of Products

All adult toy products must be stored separately to avoid certain silicone textures from corroding and rubbing together. Please only use water based lubricants with any silicone based product. If you are unsure what material your adult product is made from, then only use water based lubricants for peace of mind.