Male Blow Up Dolls

Male Blow Up Dolls

A tremendous selection of Male Blow Up Dolls at super Low Discount Prices!!  We have a great selection of both celebrity box style Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Inflatable male blow up dolls, along with fun Fireman, Construction Guy, and even have some more realistic Male Blow Up dolls for your next Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Needs!

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Cocky Cop Love Doll Free post

Cocky Cop Love Doll

Cocky Cop Love DollThe Cocky Cop Love Doll is ready to lock and load your pleasure. The thrilling ma..

$108.65 Ex Tax: $108.65

Massive Man - Brenton G

Massive Man - Brenton GGet ready for massive pleasure with this Massive Man Brenton G Inflatabl..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Massive Man - Colin F

Massive Man - Colin FGet ready for massive pleasure with this Massive Man Colin F Inflatable Love Do..

Normally $59.95

Ex Tax: $50.96

Massive Man - Damian D

Massive Man - Damian DGet ready for massive pleasure with this Massive Man Damian D Inflatable Love ..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Massive Man - Eddy S

Massive Man - Eddy SGet ready for massive pleasure with this Massive Man Eddy S Inflatable Love Doll..

Normally $69.94

Ex Tax: $59.45

Mr Stud - Male Blow Up Love Doll Free post

Mr Stud - Male Blow Up Love Doll

Mr Stud - Male Blow Up Love DollExplore your uninhibited sensual desires with this erotic male blow ..

$62.94 Ex Tax: $62.94

Personal Trainer Love Doll Free post

Personal Trainer Love Doll

Personal Trainer Love DollThe Personal Trainer Love Doll is sure to work you out just right. The thr..

Normally $94.65

Ex Tax: $80.45

Sizzling Sergeant Love Doll Free post

Sizzling Sergeant Love Doll

Sizzling Sergeant Love DollThe Sizzling Sergeant Love Doll is sure to stand at attention for you in ..

Normally $108.65

Ex Tax: $92.35

The Mail Man Love Doll Free post

The Mail Man Love Doll

The Mail Man Love DollThe Mail Man Love Doll is ready to deliver a package you’ll never forget. The ..

$94.65 Ex Tax: $94.65

Travel Size John - Male Blow Up Doll

Travel Size John - Male Blow Up DollDon't let his size fool you-Mini John is maximum man! Like most ..

Normally $43.95

Ex Tax: $24.17

Big Roy Inflatable Male Love Doll Out Of Stock

Big Roy Inflatable Male Love Doll

Big Roy Inflatable Male Love DollDildos, butt plugs, vibrators—name it, you have it! These items are..

Normally $52.95

Ex Tax: $45.01

Fuck Friends Love Doll - Justin Out Of Stock Free post

Fuck Friends Love Doll - Justin

Fuck Friends Love Doll - JustinSo picture this: you’re at your friend’s bachelorette party, and ever..

$329.99 Ex Tax: $329.99

Massive Man - Mike L Out Of Stock

Massive Man - Mike L

Massive Man - Mike LGet ready for massive pleasure with this Massive Man Mike L Inflatable Love Doll..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Travel Size Inflatable Love Doll - Leroy Out Of Stock

Travel Size Inflatable Love Doll - Leroy

Travel Size Love Doll - LeroyMiniature Inflatable Love DollThis lil' brotha loves gettin' blown! Jus..

Normally $31.70

Ex Tax: $26.95

Travel Size Inflatable Love Doll - Midget-Man Out Of Stock

Travel Size Inflatable Love Doll - Midget-Man

Travel Size Love Doll - Midget-ManMiniature Inflatable Love DollThis Travel Size Midget Man Inflatab..

Normally $31.70

Ex Tax: $26.95

Zero Tolerance BlowUps Interracial Cuckold Dolls Out Of Stock Free post

Zero Tolerance BlowUps Interracial Cuckold Dolls

Zero Tolerance BlowUps Interracial Cuckold DollsZero Tolerance Blow Ups Interracial Cuckold Black Ma..

$104.95 Ex Tax: $104.95

Male Blow Up Doll Australia

A Male Blow Up Doll is an adult novelty item that serves as a pleasure accessory for intimate moments for women, gay men or as a fun prop for a hens night. An inflatable man is designed with realistic features and a lifelike appearance to enhance bedroom fun and provide a romantic companion for individuals seeking adult entertainment.

This lifelike adult toy is crafted with attention to detail, including defined facial features, sculpted muscles, and anatomically correct body parts. The Male Blow Up Doll can be dressed up in various outfits to cater to different fantasies and desires, making it a versatile option for spicing up solo play or intimate encounters with a partner. Its durable materials ensure longevity and allow for easy cleaning after use, maintaining hygiene standards for repeated enjoyment.

Definition and History

The Male Blow Up Doll has a rich history intertwined with adult humor and has become a popular choice for enhancing sexual satisfaction. It is commonly used as a centrepiece in bachelorette parties or as a risque gag gift for bachelor parties.

These inflatable companions have been around for decades, offering a lighthearted and playful addition to various social gatherings. With their exaggerated features and often comical expressions, male blow up dolls add a touch of cheeky fun to the party atmosphere. While some may see them as controversial, they are primarily embraced for their comedic value and as a means of breaking the ice at events where lighthearted adult humor is welcomed. Their presence can spark laughter and create memorable moments among guests, serving as a source of entertainment and amusement.

Uses and Benefits of Male Blow Up Dolls

Male Blow Up Dolls offer a range of uses and benefits in the realm of adult entertainment and intimate play. Made from durable PVC material, these adult toys provide sexual satisfaction and amusement through adult humor, making them ideal for bachelorette parties, gag gifts, and bachelor party antics.

Sexual Pleasure and Other Purposes

Male Blow Up Dolls are sought after for sexual pleasure for women and gay men and also serve other purposes such as enhancing solo play or adding excitement to kinky bedroom scenarios. Whether purchased in an adult store or used as an erotic gift, these inflatable sex dolls offer a versatile adult toy option.

Their lifelike features and customizable options make them popular among individuals looking for a more interactive experience. Users can explore a range of fantasies, from fulfilling specific desires to experimenting with role-play scenarios.

Male blow up dolls are designed to cater to various preferences, whether it be a specific body type, ethnicity, or even a celebrity look-alike. This diversity in options allows users to find a doll that suits their unique fantasies and desires, thereby enhancing their overall sexual experience.

Types of Male Blow Up Dolls

Exploring the world of Male Blow Up Dolls reveals a variety of types catering to different preferences and occasions. Whether seeking a male sex doll for naughty fun or a blow-up doll as a risque adult gift, these adult-themed party items provide an array of choices to suit various needs.

Materials, Features, and Customization Options

Male Blow Up Dolls come in various materials, each offering distinct features and customization options. Whether used as a fetish accessory, adult humour item, or a playful companion, these inflatable dolls provide a versatile range of choices to suit different preferences.

From realistic skin-like textures to smooth and glossy finishes, male blow up dolls can cater to a wide array of tastes. Some models may have adjustable positions, lifelike facial features, or even anatomically accurate body parts for a more authentic experience.

Many male blow up dolls allow for customization through interchangeable wigs, clothing options, and different accessories to create a personalized fantasy. These features make them suitable for individuals exploring their fantasies, enhancing intimate moments, or adding a touch of humor to various settings.

How to Choose the Right Male Blow Up Doll

Selecting the perfect Male Blow Up Doll involves considering your preferences for an erotic toy or adult gift that matches your intentions. Whether for naughty fun as a male sex doll or as a blow-up doll for adult-themed parties, ensure your choice aligns with the desired risque or adult humor elements.

Factors to Consider and Tips for Selection

When choosing a Male Blow Up Doll, it's essential to consider factors such as the intended usage, preferences for material, and customization options. Whether purchased in an adult store for kinky play or for solo pleasure, selecting the right inflatable sex doll involves evaluating these key elements.

Understanding how you plan to use the male blow-up doll is crucial. Are you looking for a realistic experience or simply something to add a fun element to your intimate moments? The intended usage will dictate the level of detail and features you might want in the doll.

Considering the material is vital for both comfort and durability. You may prefer silicone for a lifelike feel or opt for a more affordable PVC option. Customization options like different hairstyles, sizes, and facial features can enhance your experience further, so make sure to explore these choices when making your selection.

Caring for a Male Blow Up Doll

Maintaining the pristine condition of a Male Blow Up Doll requires proper care and attention. Whether used as a naughty accessory, a provocative item, or an adult play prop, ensures regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve its appeal and functionality as a sexy novelty or adult-themed party favour.

Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines

To ensure the longevity of your Male Blow Up Doll, follow specific cleaning and maintenance guidelines tailored to its material and construction. Treat this adult collectible with care, whether it's used as a playful gift, an adult-themed joke item, or an intimate male accessory for adult entertainment purposes.

Upon regular usage, it's crucial to clean the Male Blow Up Doll after each use using mild soap and warm water. Gently scrub the surface to remove any residue or dirt, ensuring a thorough cleaning. After washing, pat the doll dry with a soft towel and allow it to air dry completely. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the doll's material. To maintain its original appearance, store the blow-up doll in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Alternatives to Male Blow Up Dolls

For those seeking alternatives to Male Blow Up Dolls, explore a range of options that offer similar adult-themed entertainment value. Whether opting for an adult-themed joke prop, accessory, or collectible, there are plenty of alternatives that provide provocative adult items for a variety of preferences.

Other Sex Toys and Options for Sexual Satisfaction

Plus Male Blow Up Dolls, there is a plethora of other sex toys and accessories available to enhance intimate experiences and provide sexual satisfaction. Whether selecting items for adult party decorations, intimate gifts, or novelty props, explore a variety of options to meet diverse preferences.

From vibrating toys to intimate wearables, the world of sex toys offers a wide range of choices. Couples can delve into remote-controlled devices for shared pleasure or indulge in bondage kits for adventurous moments. For those keen on sensory play, there are tantalizing options like feather ticklers and blindfolds. Luxurious lubricants and massage oils can heighten sensory experiences. Whether adding excitement in the bedroom or spicing up a bachelorette party, these toys serve various purposes beyond conventional expectations.