Best Luxury Sex Toys For Couples, Tested & Ranked

15k Gold Plated Vibrator

Pleasure products have been a rapidly growing area for creativity and technology over the past few decades. 

Technology has allowed us to move rapidly from the first mechanical vibrators that date back to 1909, to the age of modern adult toys made with mind-blowing, rumbling motors, and soft velvet silicone textures. (1)

The top design companies around the world involved in this multi-billion dollar industry continue to push the evolution of design and the boundaries of sexuality, fun and pleasure.

I love this industry for that exact reason, there is always something new to learn and explore.

We can also thank these top tier design companies for creating luxury sex toys for couples that add validity and respectability to an industry that has been considered shameful or offensive in past decades.

Mix all the elements of sleek designs, amazing colours and the highest quality materials and I am in stimulation heaven.


What is a Luxury Sex Toy?

There are a few attributes that make an adult couples toy a luxury item.

The toy should represent luxury and quality through its design, feel, packaging, and presence.

A luxury sex toy

Luxury sex toys should exhibit refinement, elegance and most importantly deliver performance.

The criteria for what makes a sex toy "luxury" isn't always the price. - Erica Cuff - The Hot Spot Sexpert

They should have many or all of the following components:

High-Quality Materials

The toy should be made of materials which have no taste and no smell when brand new.

They are usually food-grade materials like 100% silicone, stainless steel, glass, wood, leather, or ABS plastic. (2)

The material should also be easy to clean.

Sex Toy Materials


When it comes to colour, everybody has a different taste. There is no particular colour or set of colours that defines whether a sex toy is in the luxury class or not.

Many of these high-end toys only come in one colour. Most high-end anal toys and prostate massagers are designed in black.

Colours of Love

My favourites are the deep colours, like maroons, cherry reds, and purples.

I love the luxury dildos that have swirls of mixed colours that can only be made with hand-poured silicone.

The color red is often associated with evoking strong or passionate emotions. Love, comfort, confidence, warmth, excitement and passion are some of the more positive emotions connected to this color. (3)


Research and Development

You will notice many of the quality luxury sex toy companies have gone through several models of a particular design of the toy.

One of the many examples of this is the We-Vibe company's C-Shaped couples vibrators. The modern versions of these couples vibes are equipped with larger, deep rumbling motors, that have more power than the older models while keeping the same core design style.

We-Vibe Design Drawing


Luxury sex toy designs are stylish, modern, and can be equipped with smooth curves. Depending on the type of toy, they may have unique bases or may feature artistically sculpted details that draw your attention.

Quality Motors

The internal workings of luxury toys like vibrators will have larger deeper rumbling motors. These motors create much stronger vibrations than cheaper smaller motors.

Large Motors

Similar to a large V8 engine in a car compared to a small four-cylinder motor.

The larger toy motors make sure your experience is always orgasmic!

Extra Features

Some luxury sex toys have extraordinary features, such as:

  1. Are very strong.
  2. Heat up using controls and buttons on the toy.
  3. Have pulsing and wave modes.
  4. Have programmable settings.
  5. Have travel locks.
  6. Have a remote control.
  7. Can be controlled via an App on your Smart Phone.



Most will be USB rechargeable. This saves you from having to buy and replace batteries. The battery life will be long and perform for several hours before needing to be recharged.

USB Rechargeable


Luxury sex toys always come in well-presented packaging. Thought and care go into the packaging. They will not be sold in clear clamshell or shrink-wrapped packaging. The boxes often look like a gift box or may have magnetic closures. Sometimes a reusable storage bag will be included in the box.



Printed Materials

A luxury toy will come with good instructions and written in multiple languages.

The manufacturer will also present the product without assuming the gender or orientation of the customer buying and using the products.


All luxury toys will come with a warranty. Most warranties cover your purchase for at least one year from the date of purchase.

This tells you the manufacturer backs the quality of the product and is prepared to look after customers if the product fails mechanically.


Marketing & Branding

Quality brand names are an easy way of identifying luxury sex toys. When a quality brand releases a new toy, you can instantly trust that they have spent countless hours designing, refining, and testing the toy before it hits the shelves.

Quality brands include Bathmate, Bodywand, Doxy, Evolved, Femme Fun, Fleshlight, Fun Factory, Lelo, Liberator, OhmiBod, Satisfyer, Tenga, We-Vibe, and Womaniser.


Best Luxury Sex Toys For Couples

Doxy Number 3

The Doxy Number 3 is the perfect combination of the power from the Doxy Massager and the luxurious body of the Die Cast, all in a smaller size.

Doxy Number 3

The smaller size makes it easier to handle and allows both you and your partner to focus the vibrations exactly where you want them without having to sacrifice power for the size.

Deep rumbly vibrations that reach the 9000rpm will have you climaxing in no time.

This amazing product also comes with a removable silicone head that can be exchanged for any of the 4 head attachments, designed by Nexus, which allows for different types of play and stimulation with just one toy.


  • Super powerful rumbling vibrations up to 9000 rpm.
  • Material body: Aluminium/titanium alloy.
  • Material head: Body-safe silicone.
  • 4 head attachments.


Liberator Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo

The Liberator Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo will revolutionize your sex life and allow you to enjoy a variety of new positions.

Liberator Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo

The nylon bonded microfiber covers ensure that the shapes will stay firmly together, allowing you the freedom to experiment without slipping off.

The wedge ramp allows for access and deeper connection, as well as support on soft beds. Crafted to enhance missionary and from-behind positions.

Its ergonomic angles put you and your partner's bodies in a comfortable and stable position. Move the Wedge along the top of the Ramp to find the ultimate support you need anywhere on your body.


  • Material: High-quality Microfiber – 100% nylon.
  • Machine-washable cover.
  • Foam: fully supportive polyurethane.


Golden Moments Collection - Limited Edition

Make some memorable moments with the Limited Edition Golden Moments Collection couples set. Womanizer and We-Vibe have combined their best luxury sex toys into one sensational couples pack.

Limited Edition Golden Moments Collection couples set

The Womanizer Premium is a top of the line clitoral stimulator, powered by Womanizer's Pleasure Air Technology (4). It combines 12 power levels with Smart Silence technology that turns the toy on only when it's in contact with your body. Autopilot mode randomly changes stimulation and intensity.

The We-Vibe Chorus is the latest innovation from We-Vibe's couples' vibrators. Designed to be worn during intercourse, and offering two adjustment points for a fantastic fit. The Chorus slides inside one partner's vagina during intercourse and offers 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration for you to share. The convenient squeeze remote allows you to control the intensity with your grip.


  • Limited edition kit with a Womanizer Premium and a We-Vibe Chorus, for unbelievable sensations.
  • Choose between two sizes of stimulation head and 12 powerful intensity levels with the Premium.
  • The Chorus has a squeeze remote with intuitive vibration controls for seamless play.
  • Enjoy both fully waterproof vibrators in the bath or shower.


Evolved Coupled Love Vibrating Double Dong

The unique Evolved Coupled Love Vibrating Double Dong is perfect for couples play. It has a luxurious and smooth flexible shaft that gently curved and textured for G-spot stimulation.

Evolved Coupled Love Vibrating Double Dong

Use your imagination to find all the sexy pleasure zones this lengthy toy can reach with its two large motors that cycle through 10 powerful functions. Featuring a stylish chrome finish outline and easy to use controls in the centre of the device.


  • Double-sided for couples pleasure.
  • Made from luxurious silicone.
  • Flexible for easy maneuvering.
  • Two powerful motors, one in each shaft.
  • 10 vibrations & functions.
  • Fully rechargeable, USB cable included.
  • Length: 14 inches.


Dame Eva II Couples Vibrator

The Dame Eva II is a waterproof couple’s vibrator designed to provide clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Eva stays in place with flexible wings that tuck under your labia. Eva stays out of the way so you can focus on the moment.

Dame Eva ii


Fin Finger Vibrator

Fin is a small but powerful finger vibrator designed to feel like part of you.

Worn between the fingers, it adds mind-blowing stimulation via vibration to foreplay and sex. It has dual sensations and 3 speeds that allow you to choose your perfect style of sensation.


Fin Finger Vibrator

Fin has a removable tether and a two-sided bulb: one side is flat and squishy, while the other side is pointier. You can hold it at the tips of your fingers, the base of your palm, or anywhere in between.

Flamingo Bluetooth App Control Wearable Vibrator

The Flamingo is a cutting edge wearable vibrator that is controlled via your smartphone. This style of vibrator can be used for both kegel exercises as well as vibrating panties on date night!


Magic Motion Flamingo


The Flamingo's body inserts upside-down, with its long neck acting as a comfortable retrieval cord.

The power button is located on its head, which allows you stay in control at all times and you can scroll through the patterns manually if your Smartphone's not at hand.

You can also experience music from the inside out as the app vibrates in time to the rhythm, or set it to tune into your lover's voice so their every word ignites internal fireworks.


  • Powerful Motor.
  • Smart Phone App Control (over the internet).
  • Small and petite ergonomic design.
  • Helps build stronger pelvic floor muscles.
  • Vibrations can be set to react to music, surround sound or your lover's voice.
  • App available on both Apple and Android phones, for use with WiFi or data connection.


Svakom Winni Cock Ring and Clitoral Stimulator

Winni is a vibrating ring designed for couples with an adventurous and intimate lifestyle. Winni provides powerful stimulating a woman's clitoris and helps men maintain strong and powerful erections.

Svakom Winni Cock Ring and Clitoral Stimulator

Winni is equipped with a remote control that has a range of up to 5m. This allows you to easily change modes and intensities.


  • Power type: USB rechargeable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Vibration modes: 5
  • Whisper quiet, < 50 db



All of these elements that raise a toy to the luxury level are the same factors that make the price of these products understandably higher.

When we sell a beautiful high-end pleasure product to a customer, we have the confidence that the product is going to deliver.

We know the buyer is going be able to spend quality time with their new toy and their partner and find new ways to explore theirs and their partner's sexuality. We are confident that they are going to have seriously heightened sexual stimulation, and have the kind of orgasms that make them want more luxury sex toys.

Just because an item is expensive, doesn't mean it is going to be great for you. Sometimes the best design for you is a cheaper toy.

Understand the facts and specifications of the toy, and check to see that the toy is ticking all the boxes that you enjoy in a toy.

Toys in the luxury category do have a lot to offer, but they need to be the right toy for you and your lover.

Erica Cuff

Author: Erica Cuff

Erica Cuff has been involved in the sex toy industry since 2000. Working behind the motto “Sex Toys should be fun”, Erica provides useful tips & advice from years of hands on experience and research with adult products. 

Happily married since 2005, she knows first-hand how our sex lives can become repetitive if we don't give them the time and effort they deserve. If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, then Erica is your gal! She lives to cover topics that empower men, women and couples needing inspiration to keep lovemaking exciting and fun.

Her other focus is teaching women how to properly master the “bald man in the boat” to achieve the best orgasms ever (partner or no partner!) Her informative and unique tips, techniques and advice is up there with certified sex therapists and Sexologists, but with the added advantage of her expereince in the adult toy business.

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