Best Prostate Massagers 2023 | The Ultimate Guide


Best Prostate Massagers 2023 | The Ultimate Guide.

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In this article, we give you the low down on everything prostate massage related.

What is it, how to do it, best male prostate massager sex toys. So let's get into it!


Prostate Massager Types

What is the Prostate?

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The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. The prostate is just in front of the rectum.

The prostate secretes semen, which joins up with sperm when coming out of the penis. During ejaculation, the prostate squeezes this fluid into the urethra, and it’s expelled with sperm as semen.

The prostate is also known as the male G-Spot, because of the wonderful feelings it induces when touched in the right way.

Notice we said, the prostate is located just in front of the rectum? Yes, that’s right, in order for us to reach it we need to go up the bum! Don’t worry guys, this doesn’t make you gay.

By reaching that spot, men can feel incomparable pleasant sensations due to the fact that the prostate is filled with lots of nerve endings. Massaging and stimulating the prostate brings you untold pleasures. 

What is a Prostate Orgasm?



Massaging your prostate gland leads to a prostate orgasm.

It's a feeling that most men never had the pleasure of experiencing.

The key thing here is to properly find and massage your prostate gland to orgasm.

The prostate orgasm isn't like your ordinary orgasm at all. It's much stronger and more arousing.

The problem is that it isn't easy to experience a prostate orgasm.

You have to know how to stimulate the prostate in a proper way to get results you want.

Well, that's where prostate massagers come into play.


How to find the prostate:


Prostate Diagram


When it comes to finding your prostate, you need to be focused and ready to spend some time.

This isn't something that you can do in a few minutes.

If you want to stimulate it properly, it's very important that you take your time with it.

Locating your prostate isn't simple because every man is different and body types differ too.

It's usually 3 inches deep in your anus.

Once you insert your fingers or sex toy, move it slightly upward until you reach a bulging.

It is usually small in size.

While you can't touch your prostate directly, it's possible to stimulate it indirectly and internally.

You can also experience external prostate stimulation by slightly pressuring your perineum, which is the area of skin between the scrotum and the anus.

Some people call the prostate a male P-spot while others call it G spot.

In the case that you have an enlarged prostate, you're more likely to feel discomfort or slight pain when trying to stimulate it.

If you experience pain, please seek medical advice.

From the moment you insert your fingers in your rectum, you should be able to feel your prostate about two to three inches toward your belly.

It's like a little bump.

You can do it yourself but it's much easier if you let someone else do it for you.

Use your fingers or sex toys to achieve maximum stimulation and apply different kinds of touch until you find what works for you the most.


What is Prostate Milking:


Prostate Diagram


Prostate milking is the process used to make a man ejaculate and orgasm without touching the penis.

Most people are stunned to find out this is even possible.

Also known as the male G-Spot, this is the area you need to focus on to reach and experience a stimulating and sensational orgasm.

This orgasm is much different than the regular one.

There are three main things a man needs to be able to do to enjoy prostate milking to the max:

While prostate milking was originally recommended by doctors for health benefits and medical reasons, this form of pleasure goes way beyond just prostate cancer prevention.

It's possible to gain extreme pleasure and satisfaction from the stimulation you get when you insert a toy in your rectum.

If you continually enjoy such stimulation, you can orgasm in a much different way than ever before.

These orgasms are more intense and they can also be non-ejaculatory which only means that you can do it as many times as you want or can.

It's a multi-orgasmic sensation and it was believed that only women were blessed with such pleasures.

Well, thanks to more and more men being open-minded to different forms of sexual pleasure, new dimensions of male sexuality have been unlocked and discovered.

Now, a prostate orgasm is a heightened sensation and you don't have to touch your penis at all to achieve it.

Prostate milking requires practice as it's a process that takes patience, dedication, knowledge, and skill.

Then, the selection of toys greatly matters as every person is different and enjoys different things as well as levels of pleasure and excitement.

The orgasm intensity and ability to reach it by prostate milking depends on the position.

Different positions bring different sensations and, the more you experiment, the better. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Facedown - this position allows you to reach your anus effectively. It gives you more access to the rectal area and allows you to rest during your milking sessions. While it may not be so adventurous, it's quite effective especially if you're new to this.
  • Legs up - depending on your flexibility, get on your back and pull both legs up. Aim towards your chest as much as you can to get more access to the anus. This is a position that most men prefer as it's a somewhat natural position that allows you butt cheeks to open and expose the anus area so you can enjoy your milking session even more.
  • On the side - quite a comfortable position that most experienced men enjoy as you can angle your prostate massager in any direction until you reach full pleasure
  • Doggy style - one of the most popular sexual positions and it's perfect for prostate milking as it allows you to easily access your prostate and enjoy the session even more. It also gives you just the right amount of flexibility so that you reach your anus from both sides as well as between the legs.


If you haven't tried prostate milking so far, you might find it a bit difficult to locate your prostate.

Be persistent and try different things to explore this.

Identifying all areas sensitive to the touch will help you orgasm much easier while making this whole thing more enjoyable.

This guide will help you learn how to stimulate and massage your prostate using prostate massagers, vibrators for men and other similar prostate massage toys to unlock a whole new dimension of pleasure.

Male anal stimulation has been nothing but a taboo or controversy for most men for decades, but not anymore.

With the right toys, you're just one step away from having the time of your life.

This can be especially exciting for couples too as you can play with each other and so much more.

Teaching your partner how to use a prostate massager and hit the right spot is how you get to enjoy true satisfaction.

It’s a whole new level of sexual experience.

Need something new to boost and enhance your sex life? Say no more, as a prostate massage is all you'll ever need.


What is a Prostate Massager?


Prostate Massager


A prostate massager toy is a type of sex toy that is inserted into a man’s anus in order to stimulate the prostate gland.

Prostate massagers are usually “L” shaped is design, with the long part of the “L” being inserted into the anus, and the short part of the “L” sitting outside the body and resting on the man perineum.

A prostate massager will help you stimulate your prostate in a way that you can't successfully achieve using only your fingers.

Finding a male butt plug designed with an angle or a curve helps you achieve the most outstanding orgasm you're after.

It takes some time, dedication, and preparation to get yourself to orgasm and fully enjoy all the pleasures of prostate milking.

There's a huge difference between normal male anal stimulation and mind-blowing orgasmic prostate stimulation.

It's quite possible to get there with a little bit of knowledge.

Also called a P-Spot vibrator, they come in different styles, shapes, materials, colors, and types, with or without vibration.

It may take some time to find the one that works best for you.

Once you find the one prostate vibrator that does it for you, things become much more enjoyable and easier.

However, learning how to stimulate the prostate by using these toys properly is a whole different thing.

Most men go with the vibration option as it greatly helps enhance stimulation.

You need to feel it in order to know it but once you do, you'll want to live it.

To put it in simple words, a prostate massage is one of the most wonderful sensations and sexual experiences.


How to Use a Prostate Massager:


How to Use a Prostate Massager Diagram


Using a prostate massager instead of your fingers is a much better way to reach incredible orgasms.

It has some advantages too. While fingers require additional movements, a male vibrator does not.

Now, there are two things to think about before you give it a go: lube and preparation.

Start slowly with a finger or two to explore the area and find what feels really good.

This will help you relax and prepare for insertion. To achieve the best results, prepare your anus with lube.

Lubricate the prostate massager with either water-based or silicone lubricant.

Add a generous amount to the massager to allow insertion to be smooth.

Angle the massager and push it into place.

You can tell when you have inserted it all the way, because the bottom of the massager will rest against your perineum.

Alternatively, you can get your partner to insert the massager, as they have a better view.

When it comes to how to stimulate the prostate, it all depends on personal preference.

There are load of different shapes and sizes to choose from.

These male anal toys are generally curved, pointing toward the belly button.

It's this curvature that allows you to enjoy your prostate massage.

You can also prepare yourself by letting the prostate massager treat your perineum with gentle outside stimulation.

This is usually the best entry for prostate play.

Remember, going slowly and using lube is of great importance as anal activity can be something most enjoyable but painful too.

Lube makes things flow smoothly and takes any discomfort away. Find your groove and, when you feel relaxed, give your new anal toy a go. There are five things you can do with it:

  • Pressure - the simplest way to use your new toy. You can gain control of your movements by pushing or pulling it on the base. This helps you find the adequate level of pressure that pleasures you the most. Position your male vibrator until you hit the right spot.
  • Depth - prostate massagers come in various sizes and, the longer they are, the deeper they go. This is very important for finding a male G spot. If you're completely new to a prostate massage, going with the one that gets to your prostate is quite enough for starters. Enjoyment and comfort depend on the type of massage so experiment until you find the one that suits you the most.
  • External massage - stimulating the perineum is also a great way to enjoy yourself and there are prostate massagers with additional arms, designed especially for an external massage which can be quite a pleasurable experience too as well as nice foreplay.
  • Cock ring - Some toys come with a cock ring that helps men maintain their arousal during the massage. Some men find it hard to stay erect in the moment of insertion and staying erect is essential to achieving the most exquisite arousal. Using a prostate massager with a cock ring helps you stay erect during the entire session.
  • Vibrations - this is what makes the whole process much easier and this is the most preferred method as it requires almost no effort.


Prostate Massager Benefits:

A prostate stimulator will make you experience unbelievably strong orgasms if used correctly.

More importantly, this toy allows you to milk your prostate which is quite healthy too.

Also, by stimulating the men's G spot with a prostate dildo, you can increase the intensity of your orgasms and enjoy a long-lasting and powerful sensation.

That aside, a prostate massage helps the protection of sperm cells.

Stimulating the prostate gland plays a vital role in releasing a white, milk-like fluid.

On top of all that, such a stimulation derives the most pleasurable sensation known to man.

There are several great benefits that you can enjoy from using a prostate massager:

  • It stimulates the male G spot to an extreme level which allows you to experience flooding and sensational orgasms. This leads to satiating and amazing levels of satisfaction.
  • Since there are various techniques and methods of prostate milking, any individual can find a suitable way to enjoy this form of pleasure according to their own preference.
  • Stimulating the prostate gland loosens and cleans up the prostatic duct.
  • Regularly using a prostate massager helps solve many sex-related issues such as erectile dysfunction.
  • Some men have problems with ejaculating and this form of pleasure can help them remove those problems.
  • Most men tend to feel slight pain when near ejaculation and prostate massage toys can help them eliminate it.
  • As men age, their prostate swells up abnormally which makes urinating hard. Using a prostate massager can significantly reduce the swelling and allow them to urinate more smoothly.
  • A prostate massage is known to help with prostatitis.

Using this sex toy is more than just reaping the benefits and enjoying new levels of pleasure.

It's all about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Allow yourself to enjoy different forms of sexual experiences that can significantly enrich your sex life and elevate your mind.

This is how you get to improve your well-being and contribute to taking a long-lasting relationship or marriage to a whole new direction where different opportunities await.



There are many methods you can use to stimulate your G spot but prostate massagers make it so much easier.

The more you explore prostate milking, the more you'll be able to enjoy it.

Prostate milking techniques vary but there's no doubt that this type of anal sexual pleasure and experience can contribute to improving your health.

It provides intense waves of satisfaction and pleasure.

Most men are closed on male anal stimulation but times are rapidly changing and a prostate massage is now a totally normal thing that most modern men enjoy.

If you take many health benefits that come from it into consideration, you get plenty of reasons to try it.

Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with your sexuality.

Prostate massagers are your tools of satisfaction that will accompany you along the way.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always happy to help out.

The health information contained in this article and this website is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice on any subject matter. Whilst we do our best to research and provide the latest information to our readers, you should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content included in this site without seeking professional medical advice.

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