Adora Collar with Nipple Clamps

Adora Collar with Nipple Clamps

What do you do when you’re running out of ideas to keep vanilla sex exciting and something to look forward to? You look at fun sex toys that will help you achieve that goal. Whether you’re into real BDSM practices or you simply want to channel the look, this Adora Erotica Coveted Collar with Nipple Clamps and Chains will be a great addition to your stash of sexy bedroom toys.

As far as bondage collar goes, this takes the prize for simplicity and understated elegance. There’s not much that adorns this toy but what it lacks in bells and whistles, it surely makes up for in functionality and comfort.

The PU leather choker is soft to the touch and completely adjustable so it will fit just about anyone. The same goes for the nipple clamps as they sport screws on each side that allows you to adjust the amount of pressure being applied to your body. Everything is attached to each other via metal chain links, completing the look of kinky sophistication that will surely appeal to your secret wild side.

This Adora Erotica Coveted Collar with Nipple Clamps and Chains set weighs a little less than half a pound--not too heavy and not too light. The PU leather and metal used to create this device are high quality, body-safe, and they’ll look great with just about any kind of sexy little outfit you already have in your closet.

Fancy strutting your stuff in this with nothing but your birthday suit on? Go ahead and flaunt what you’ve got. You’re bound to catch your partner’s attention and keep it right where it belongs!

BDSM enthusiast or not, you simply won’t regret buying this gorgeous Adora Erotica Coveted Collar with Nipple Clamps and Chains set. It’s affordable, attractive and really easy to use. Add it to your cart now, we guarantee discreet and hassle-free shipment of all orders.

Make your wildest bedroom fantasies come true, with a few bondage accessories.

This unholy union brings together pleasure and pain, leather and metal, creating a stunning ensemble that is perfect attire for any submissive partner. The Coveted Collar and Clamp Union will certainly add some intensity to any steamy BDSM session.

Comprising of a collar and two nipple clamps, this set is linked together by a pair of 12-inch chains that attach to each clamp and a D-ring fastening on the front of the collar. The clamps are adjustable and can be easily tightened or made looser, depending on how generous you feel, by thumbscrews, while the leather collar can be fitted to the wearer's tastes and requirements thanks to an adjustable buckle.

With a large D-ring comes more opportunities, as a lead and cuffs can also be attached to a fully comprehensive bondage look and feel that the wearer will enjoy as much as their master does. Great for those into nipples and BDSM.


  • Soft PU Leather Collar
  • 2 x Nipples Clamps

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Adora Collar with Nipple Clamps