How to Put on a Chastity Cage & Wear Chastity Devices Comfortably

Have you ever been curious about wearing a chastity cage? Whether you're in a committed relationship and want to explore BDSM or are single and looking for an empowering way to explore your sexuality, wearing a chastity cage can be a thrilling experience. You don't have to miss out on the fun – let's explore how to wear a chastity cage safely and comfortably.

how to wear chastity cage

How to wear a chastity cage

If you’re wondering how to put on a chastity cage, you’re likely feeling both apprehensive and excited to start exploring this area of BDSM. Donning a chastity cage is an intimate process, designed to ensure maximum comfort, security, and pleasure. Before getting into the details of wearing your chastity device correctly, consider familiarizing yourself with its anatomy. Chastity cages are comprised of two main parts: the cage itself and the ring that fits over it which keeps it secure in place via locking pins.

locking pin

The first step to putting on a cock cage is to get in the proper starting position. It may help to stand up or lay down on your back with your legs spread apart - whatever feels more comfortable for you - as long as it makes adjusting and fastening your device easier. After finding an appropriate position, take the cage part of your chastity device by its base and slide it over your penis until its tip is pointing up at a 90-degree angle or slightly inward depending upon preference and adjustability type (standard or non-standard).

Once you feel comfortable with its positioning, place the ring that corresponds with it around the base of the shaft taking care not to pinch yourself inadvertently in between them. This is where more adjustable styles come in handy so that you can make minor adjustments beforehand as needed for greater personal comfort should any areas require repositioning during wear before securing it tightly against every contour once done doing so. Finally, close off all latches or fastenings for completing its secure placement against all possible points of exit from the body in hopes of maximum pleasure yet preventing escape from desired containment within those boundaries set by the wearer themselves thus signifying successful donning through this intricate yet safe process culminating in eventual enjoyment!

What happens if you get hard in a chastity cage?

When wearing a chastity cage, it's important to understand what happens if you get hard in the device. The first thing that should be noted is that getting an erection while wearing a chastity cage is perfectly normal and is something that almost everyone experiences at one time or another. However, it's important to remember that having an erection while in the device can be uncomfortable and can sometimes cause damage to the device, depending on the type of material and design used. They are designed to be worn with a limp penis or flaccid penis.

metal cock cage

If you experience an erection while wearing these sex toys, there are steps you can take to make sure it's comfortable and safe. First of all, it's important not to panic – simply by taking a few deep breaths and relaxing your body, you may find that your penis goes back down again naturally. If this doesn't work, you can also try applying cold packs or touching your penis gently with clean hands until the erection subsides but be careful not to put too much pressure on the skin as this could lead to further discomfort or even cause damage.

It may also help to try changing positions so that your penis isn't being touched by any part of the device – lying on your stomach can help reduce tension in the area whilst reducing any pressure felt from inside. If none of these methods has worked then you should take off your device immediately as any further discomfort could lead to long-term damage – using lubrication during removal also helps make taking off easier for some people.

In summary then: understanding what happens if you get hard in a chastity cage is essential if intending on using such equipment safely and comfortably. Whilst getting erections in such circumstances are a natural occurrence, they should be dealt with quickly so as not to cause undue discomfort or even irreparable damage to such devices.

How to measure for a penis cage

When it comes to wearing a chastity cage, getting the right fit is key. Penis size doesn't matter, there are cages for all penis sizes. The measurement and shape of the cage should be individualized to ensure a comfortable and secure fitting device that can properly fulfil its purpose.

wearing a cage

To determine the best fit for you, consider doing a thorough measurement of your body parts that will come in contact with the chastity device.

  • Start by measuring around your waistline (or thigh if you plan on wearing a shorter device) to determine what size chastity cage you should purchase.

  • Also be sure to measure both your testicles, as well as your penis' length and girth before selecting from different models or designs available.

  • Please remember that measurements may change over time; so make sure that you always double-check whenever necessary for an accurate fit.

Additionally, be mindful of potential obstacles in formfitting cock cages, such as metal rails for zipper fasteners along with bulky buckles and locks which could hamper mobility. Although these tricks can make it more difficult for somebody to take off the device without authorization, too many metal components or overly tight sizes can lead to discomfort or other issues such as tissue irritation when worn for lengthy periods of time.

It may also help to try out different styles in comparison with ones already owned beforehand, if possible; in order to find out which model fits best while moving around in everyday life - especially when active outside activities are included in daily routines!

How tight should a chastity cage be?

When wearing a chastity cage, how tight it should be is determined by personal preference. It is important to make sure the device does not cause physical distress or discomfort, however. A chastity cage should fit snugly against your body and not pinch or rub on any sensitive areas. It is recommended that you start with the most comfortable setting and adjust it according to your own comfort level.

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It is essential that you know the size of your penis when purchasing such a sex toy since they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. When measuring your penis, be sure to include the length and width when laying it flat against your skin. Finding the right fit will help ensure that you have maximum comfort and security while wearing it. Once you've selected an appropriate device, try fitting it to make sure there isn't too much slack, but still, allow for some movement without restriction.

When wearing your chastity cage for the first time, test out different levels of tightness for different periods of time identifying what is comfortable for you – if it starts rubbing in any certain area take note and readjust as necessary. If during this process you find that more than slight discomfort persists, discontinue use until fittings are adjusted properly to assure safety throughout wear-time.

To get optimum performance out of a chastity device, make sure the cage fits snugly but comfortably so there's no risk of slipping off or loosening up with simple activities like walking or light exercise, as long as possible painless wear can be achieved happiness can follow!

How long can you wear a chastity cage?

Knowing how long you can or should wear a chastity cage is an important choice for those exploring the world of chastity play. A chastity cage is a device worn for orgasm denial and designed to restrict sexual access and pleasure of the genitals. Wearing a chastity cage can be an uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience, meaning that you will need to pay special attention to your body and feel while wearing it.

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Cock cages are generally worn anywhere from hours to days to weeks at a time and some people may even wear them for months on end. In most cases, how long you will stay locked in a male chastity cage will depend on how comfortable and safe it feels for you. You should always keep your limits – both physical and emotional – in mind when deciding on how long you can wear one. Ultimately, only you can decide if continuing to wear the cage is best for your health, both mental and physical.

When determining how long a male chastity cage should be worn, it’s important to stay mindful of:

  • any developing pressure points or areas of discomfort around the genitalia, inner thighs, and stomach area while wearing the device.

  • proper hygiene practices need to be taken into account as well since an unclean environment will heighten risks such as bacterial infections while within the confines of the device's own enclosure!

If these become evident after prolonged use of your chastity device it’s recommended that you take off your device until any generated pain dissipates completely. This way you won't cause any permanent damage or scarring which could lead to further complications during later continuations of playtime with your fetish gear.

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