Out Of Stock Hyman Remote Control Kegel Balls

10 Speed Wireless Remote Control Kegel Balls

The Hyman is a premium model remote control kegel ball set. Made from velvet-smooth medical-grade silicone and boasts a vibrating kegel ball as well as a vibrating remote control! This allows you to insert the kegel balls for deep internal G-Spot stimulation, as well as use the remote controller externally on the clitoris and nipples.

This product is designed for both pleasure and exercise. Kegel balls are designed to stimulate the vagina muscles, causing them to contract and make them tighter and stronger.

Vibrations OFF:

This model can be used with vibrations off, allowing you to go about your day and have a vaginal workout. You can use them during exercise activities like jogging and gym to provide a total body workout.

Vibrations ON:

It can also be used with vibrations on. You can use the powerful 10 speed motors in the kegel balls and remote controller privately. By inserting the kegel balls for deep internal G-Spot stimulation, as well as use the remote controller externally on the clitoris and nipples.  OR go out and enjoy your day with the kegel balls inserted and tucked away discretely with some stimulating vibrations to add a little pep in your step!

Couples FUN:

For a bit of added excitement you can hand the remote controller to your partner to control. If you dare, go out in public or attend a party and allow your partner to mix things up! It can also be used as foreplay or during sex by couples stimulating the clitoris and nipples. 
Use a water-based lubricant for maximum comfort.

- 10 speeds / modes of vibration
- Vibrating Kegel Balls and vibrating remote controller
- Wireless controlled
- Up to 10 meters remote controlled distance
- Waterproof
- Mini discreet size, convenient to take around
- Made from ABS body safe materials
- Silent motor
- USB Rechargeable
- Can be used for vagina excising and exhilarating pleasure
- Size: See images

Preserving good sexual function, and physical and reproductive health is paramount to most of our lives. Both psychological and emotional development and general well-being are affected by our physical condition.

While many aspects of men's and women's physical fitness are the same, a woman's sexual health is very different from a man's. It is for this reason that we stock a huge range of Kegel balls and pelvic floor exercise balls to help you achieve your optimal health sexual health.

Many women experience a weakened pelvic floor which can be a result of many different reasons. Some experience this condition because of life events including having babies, ageing, weight gain, and lack of physical and sexual exercise.

Kegel balls can be used to dramatically improve your sex life, but also your overall physical and mental health. These special sex toys are specifically designed to tighten you up downstairs and most of them are quite fun and exciting to use!

Did you know that kegel exercises also help prevent and control urinary incontinence?

As a woman strengthens and maintains their pelvic muscles, they are also building up strength in the muscles that support the uterus, bladder and intestines. Most ladies are surprised to learn that kegel ball sex toys can show fast results and are very enjoyable to do.

Choosing the right  Kegel or Ben Wah Ball set allows you to tighten up your inner vaginal muscles, and pelvic floor muscles while enjoying sensual pleasures at the same time. Kegel exercises really are paramount to a woman's sexual health and fitness. Benefits include maintaining a good and strong pelvic floor, tightening the muscles of the vaginal walls and boosting orgasmic pleasure.

Like every muscle in our body, your pelvic floor and vagina muscles benefit from exercise. These unique kegel exercises help you strengthen and tone your vagina which will boost your sexual confidence and arousal. Many women report that they can feel better sensual friction of their partner's penis, resulting in better orgasms for both partners. Women also report that regular kegel exercises help them reach orgasm without the need for clitoral stimulation. Kegel balls improve overall blood circulation around the pelvic floor and vaginal area. Which can help during period pain.

We carry Australia's biggest and best range of Kegel balls, ben wah balls, and vaginal dilator sex toys. Check out our huge range to find the right product for your needs.

Kegel balls often called love eggs or jiggle balls are designed to help you strengthen your pelvic floor, and vagina muscles, resulting in better orgasms. Enhance the intensity and sexual pleasure of both you and your partner by using these sex toys. We stock a wide range of models, both vibrating and non-vibrating which you can buy online with same-day discreet shipping.

If you are looking to improve your own enjoyment in the bedroom, as well as improve your sexual performance then we suggest you try a set today. They are designed to be inserted into your vagina and then moved up and down by doing pelvic floor or kegel exercises.

The muscles you exercise are used to hold in and push out urine, as well as feel and squeeze a man's penis during sex. Exercising them regularly has a dramatic effect on the intensity and pleasure of sex and orgasms you experience.

A big bonus of using Kegels is that they not only tone and strengthen your mid and inner muscles, but they feel great to use.

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Hyman Remote Control Kegel Balls