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Master Series Obedience Extreme Sex Bench

Act out dark fantasies or prepare for intense impact play scenes when you strap your lover into the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench! This heavy duty piece of sex furniture is made of sturdy steel, with comfortable padding for the body, legs, arms, and head of your partner so that you can play vigorously for hours. Keep your sub helpless and at your mercy! This ergonomically shaped bench will leave them exposed for spankings, penetration, or both. You will even be able to go deeper than ever before! The U-shaped headrest wont muffle their moans and squeals as you play. Play without the straps, or keep them fully restrained. The quick release buckles are easy to use. Adjust the height of the arms and legs, or remove the head support to fully customize the experience.

  • Measurements: 68.5 cm in height, 127 cm in width. Torso pad is 47 cm in length, 21.6 cm in width. Arm and ankle pads are 30.5 cm in length, 10.1 cm in width.
  • Material: PU leather, steel, nylon.
  • Colour: Black.

Note: Supports up to 181 kg

A sex bench is a BDSM tool for anyone interested in kinky sex play, anyone who’s physically impaired and struggles with comfort during sex in bed, or people who need a little extra help getting into the positions that optimize their pleasure.

Since there are so many uses for them, not all sex benches are created equal. Someone might purchase a sex bench with various add-ons including restraints “that allow for varying degrees of leg spreading, or oral sex.” For others, the benefit is the slope of certain benches that allows for deeper or shallower penetration, the padding that supports the joints during doggy style, or the mechanical dildo attachment that promises hands-free pleasure. 

BDSM Toys are very popular these days. This is due to the fact that people can get excited about it. People who are into BDSM love being dominant over their partners. They also like having their partners obey them. You can learn the art of dominance and submission by playing some BDSM games. The most popular types of BDSM games include spanking, role-playing, flogging, and caning. You can practice all of these games during your play sessions. You can also use BDSM equipment when you are playing. The BDSM equipment includes restraints, blindfolds, paddles, and so on. You don't have to use them all at the same time. It will depend on the kind of scene you want to create.

Dominance and submission games are something that involves control over your partner. It is also known as power exchange. It involves two people who want to exchange roles in a relationship. The dominant person takes charge and the submissive person allows the other person to take control. There are a number of different games that are played in Dominance and Submission games. The games that can be played during these sessions include paddling, spanking, bondage and so on. These games are played by both the dominant and submissive players. The rules of these games are usually dictated by the dominant player. During a session, the dominant player usually has complete control of the situation. The submissive player, however, does what the dominant player says to do.

BDSM equipment is essential to a BDSM session. Some of these items include handcuffs, ball gags, whips and chains, and so on. These items help the dominant player to make his or her partner feel comfortable. In the end, they feel relaxed and in a safer environment. BDSM equipment should be used only by people who are experienced in it. It is also advisable to get the help of a professional or someone who has done it before getting into BDSM play. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly during a session.

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