Free post Fantasy X-tensions Mega 2'' Extension - Flesh

Fantasy X-tensions Mega 2'' Extension - Flesh

Turn your penis into an instant pleasure machine with the incredible Fantasy X-tensions. Now you can be all the man you can be and satisfy your partner with this easy-to-use erection enhancer. Developed as a safe, affordable, non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills, your Fantasy X-tension will give you the biggest, thickest, most satisfying pleasure rod you ever imagined! Perfect for men with ED and midway performance problems, your new enhancer will deliver results that both partners will love!

The Mega 2″ Extension is a customizable extension that can be easily trimmed at the base for a perfect fit. It's super-stretchy to accommodate most sizes and snug enough to help you last longer. Your partner will enjoy deeper penetration with the 2" extension at the tip, while the ultra-lifelike shaft makes you 66% thicker all around. The soft Fanta Flesh material feels just like a second skin, giving you the length, girth, and confidence you need to satisfy your lover.

Cleanup is a snap after the fun with toy cleaner or warm water. One size fits most. This is not a condom.


  • 2'' (51mm) Extension
  • Adds 66% Girth
  • Ultra-Lifelike Fanta Flesh
  • Trim for Perfect Fit
  • Phthalate-Free Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

  • Item Dimensions:

  • Length: 20.3 cm (8'')
  • Width: 5 cm (2'')
  • Inner diameter: 3.2 cm (1.25'')


    Although many people fail to realize it, quality lube should be a part of any sexual play. That also applies even if you are not using toys. Lubricant prevents injury, enhances comfort, and makes everything a whole lot easier.

    In the case of dick sheaths, it is obligatory. Before putting on the extender, apply some water-based lube around the glans, as it will help the sleeve fit easier. However, don’t go overboard because you can produce the opposite effect.

    For penetration, on the other hand, use lube generously. Your partner may be all about the size, but the chances are that they will need to adjust to the new you. So lube will make everything feel comfortable and effortless.


    With the risk of stating the obvious again, you need to take care of your sleeve. So always clean it before and after use. Besides water and soap, you can use a body-safe disinfectant, but if you made the smart choice and bought a silicone toy, a simple, thorough wash will do. It is equally important to store the sheath properly. Use the original packaging and keep it dry. By following these simple instructions, your toy will last longer, and you won’t have to worry about infections and injuries.

    You should get rid of the sleeve in case it:

    • Gets damaged.
    • Changes in color or texture.
    • Starts to feel uncomfortable for you or your partner.

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    Fantasy X-tensions Mega 2'' Extension - Flesh

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