MYHIXEL is an absolute revolution for men and their sex lives. Inclusive of acclaimed professionals within the sexology, medical and cutting edge technology. MYHIXEL is pioneering science and medical backed solutions for male sexual well-being, founded on pioneering international research.

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MyHixel MED Masturbator Free post

MyHixel MED Masturbator

MyHixel MED Therapeutic MasturbatorDid you know that 31% of men suffer from premature ejaculation? S..

Normally $549.95

Ex Tax: $467.46

MyHixel Mount Hands-Free Accessory

MyHixel Hands-Free AccessoryThis adjustable accessory, with suction cup design, allows you to secure..

$46.94 Ex Tax: $46.94

MyHixel Sleeve Replacement Free post

MyHixel Sleeve Replacement

MyHixel Sleeve ReplacementUnlike other products, the MYHIXEL Anatomical Sleeve has been designed and..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

MyHixel TR Masturbator Free post

MyHixel TR Masturbator

MyHixel TR Therapeutic MasturbatorMYHIXEL is a revolutionary, clinically proven program designed to ..

Normally $439.95

Ex Tax: $373.96