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Compass Love Machine

Act out any sexual fantasy with this strong, sturdy and powerful 220 - 240V Compass Love Machine. This amazing love machine delivers incredible power, angle adjustability and performance to help you explore any fantasy and desire. The Compass is a thrusting machine designed to make all your bedroom fantasies come true. With up to 200 thrusts per minute, you're sure to find the perfect speed that makes you explode with excitement every time. Control each easily with the handheld controller and find the ideal thrusting speed for your total satisfaction.

The Compass sex machine has been designed to work on a variety of heights and angles for maximum versatility. It has a flat base to hold the machine firmly in place, no matter how hard or how fast you use it! The frame is extremely strong and is guaranteed to last a lifetime if looked after. The angle and height of the thrust can be adjusted to 5 different positions with a range of 45 degrees. Just adjust the thrusting arm into one of the 5 holders to choose your desired level. The position can be tightened and locked into place, allowing you to enjoy the Compass Love Machine as slow, or fast as you like. The ultra powerful motor can vary from 70 to 200 rotations per minute (RPM) and has a thrusting distance of 6.5" (16.5cm). The machine will stand on four study pads that reduce noise and protect your floors.

The Compass Love Machine operates quietly and smoothly with your total pleasure in mind. The inner structure of the machine is designed with precision engineering to enable you to concentrate on your desires and pleasures. Construction uses the latest anti-corrosion techniques and is painted using a silver powder coat system which protects and makes the unit more durable. It's very easy to assemble and disassemble for storage solutions.

This innovative hands-free love machine includes everything you need to enjoy a complete sexual experience. It comes complete with 2 sex machine attachments, including a realistic 7" (17.8cm) insertable length dildo and a 4" (10.2cm) insertable length anal plug. It also comes with a double adapter so you can experience the amazing pleasures of double penetration! It also comes with an external 4.75" (12.1cm) vibrator to use with the machine, enhancing your pleasure even further.

Not only does it come with 2 sex machine attachments, a double adapter and 1 vibrator, but you can also attach any Vac-U-Lock compatible toys to the powerful motorised box and simply sit back and enjoy the ride of your life. It offers amazing multi speed thrusting action and you can control the thrusting intensity easily.

  • Adjusts over a range of 45 degrees
  • Minimum stroke length 2.5 cm up to 15 cm
  • Multi speed machine controller is also a multi speed vibrator!
  • Comes with realistic penis with balls and anal attachments
  • Thick and wide rubberised pads beneath the base enable excellent stability during usage

  • Who says only men can masturbate? Women can, too! Ladies can still enjoy erotic bliss without men's company using a dildo or a vibrator. The only problem with these pleasure toys is that you have to glide them in and out of your love cave to reach the climax. Though some of your toys have suction cups, they don't stay put on wet surfaces very well. Thus, you still have to hold and thrust them into your sex until you have a release. 

    If you're a fan of porn, you've no doubt heard of a Sex Machine by now and have probably seen one in action but maybe you've never actually considered using a sex machine yourself? Or maybe you have no idea what a sex machine is but now we've got your curiosity piqued? Well let's have a chat about this shall we? While these sex machines might not fit neatly away in your nightstand like some of your other favourite sex toys, they will make up for this lack of compactness in their power, versatility and functionality.

    If you have a Sex Machine Set at home, you can have hands-free sex sessions! Designed like a machine gun, it offers you one-of-a-kind self-partnered moments, allowing you to focus on pleasure without distractions. The detachable extension rod enables you to position yourself in different sexual stances. It's like having a partner but better as it gives in to your desires and doesn't get tired of fucking your pussy. Only when you turn this machine off will it stop banging you.

    There are attachments that help keep your dildo steady as it drills your wet pussy. For those who are more concerned with pleasure than their posture, spring adapters are one of the best options. You may also consider the ones with the Vac-U-Lock system if you own a large dildo. Adapters with suction cup holders can also be grabbed if you have this dong type. Your decision ultimately depends on your needs and the features and sizes of your dildos.

    You might now be wondering whether the attachments would last after you've learned of the options available. The answer is yes! As all of these tools are made from high-quality metal, you can rest assured that they will last long.

    Despite this, keeping them clean is crucial since they can collect human secretions besides your pleasure toys. Use water and unscented, mild soap to clean them, then wipe them dry with a soft, clean cloth. Store them in a cool, dry place or with your sex machine when not in use.

    How do I use a Sex Machine? 

    Depending on the features available for each sex machine, you are typically going to be able to operate it via a remote control for ease of use. Most are adjustable to achieve the desired height and angle, perfect for your penetration needs. They are usually designed to allow you to use it in any position desired. For added versatility, you're usually able to use any dong attachment that works with the sex machine so that you always have the right size and fit for your body and can change it up to suit the mood.

    Once you're finished using your Sex Machine, just give it a good clean and pack it away until you're ready to go again. Most Sex Machines on the market today can be disassembled or folded away for more compact storage options. It depends on the model you choose. Some are made to be portable for fun on the go while some are meant to be used in the comfort of your home and might not be so easy to transport. Carefully look at the options before buying to ensure you choose the Sex Machine that meets your needs best.

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