Stress Chest - Boob Stress Balls

Stress Chest - Boob Stress Balls

Feeling stressed? For many, there is no greater comfort than a squeezable breast. Relieve the tension in your hands with the Stress Chest boob stress ball.

Make someones day with these balls shaped like breasts! The Stress Chest is a new twist on the classic stress reliever ball! Novelty stress balls are a perfect addition to any adult themed gift

Wiggly, jiggly squeeze your stress away! Stress Chest from Ozze Creations.

What's the best way to relax - by squeezing a fake boob stress ball of course! Obviously though just grabbing the pair nearest at hand is a no-no. That will only result in a world of pain, legal action and unpleasant claims about your mental state. That's why the Boob Stress Relievers are so super useful! You can caress, grope and motorboat until your heart is content.

This funny boob shaped stress ball is an excellent change to the regular versions of the office must-have for staying calm under fire. Our stress ball boobs come as a pair, with an accurate skin tone finish and realistic nipples. This will give you the option to mix in a little tweaking with all that fondling and a little stress-relieving juggling! Forget your troubles, squeeze some flesh baubles.

  • Stress relief ball, squeeze, and poke it anytime
  • High-quality silicone rubber with a life-like nipple and, similar texture to the real thing
  • A great party gag gift, a special gift for your significant other, or yourself

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