Adora Pink Fluffy Handcuffs

Adora Pink Fluffy Handcuffs

Submit to your lover with struggle my soft handcuff, Strong and comfortable with velcro straps and clips to connect them to each other or to other bondage items with D-rings Ideal as an introduction to restraint and light bondage play. These pink fluffy handcuffs are strong, secure and an exciting restraint you can use to play and explore the wonderful world of bondage. With a sumptuously soft velvet lining and sleek silver neoprene exterior, they are perfect for first-time restraint play.

Fluffy handcuffs are the most popular accessory for a bachelorette party or hens night party.

The quick-release clips on the cuffs can be attached to other bondage items, clipped together or used separately, making them wonderfully versatile for bedroom bondage play.


  • Strong and secure handcuffs with clips and velcro straps
  • Soft lining with faux leather exterior
  • Connect the cuffs together or to other bondage accessories
  • Quick release clips for peace of mind
  • Material: Faux Leather

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    People often wonder whether their thoughtful fantasies of being tied up or blindfolded are common or not. The answer is yes! You are not alone. Bondage and BDSM practice used to be taboo and while practising by many people, and as not spoken about.  Nowadays BDSM and fetish sex toys are common items in most people's collections. The essence of bondage alters the balance of power in a relationship, which can be a lot of fun.

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    A lot of people love to engage in BDSM practices because it helps them to strengthen the trust in their relationships. Being handcuffed and blindfolded leaves you very vulnerable and puts a huge amount of faith and trust in your partner. This can be both scary and exciting all at the same time.

    BDSM positions help you to deal with certain anxieties and help you let go and surrender to the unknown.  Many people report to us that introducing bondage toys to the bedroom opened up a dark pleasure side of them that they were unaware of, and would have never unearthed if it wasn't for these toys.

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    Some people who have PTSD and have gone through trauma find these practices as a type of therapy, as it helps them to practice letting go of control. Keeping an open mind is always key, and for first-timers, be sure you know your partner very well before delving too deep into the fetish world.  BDSM and bondage aren't for everybody, but many people are shocked to find out how much they love it. Many couples who have been in long-term relationships find that adding a few fetish sex toys into the bedroom makes the fun even more exciting.

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    Adora Pink Fluffy Handcuffs