Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review


When we were offered the chance to review the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, we jumped at the chance! A popular sex toy for woman, this "pressure wave vibrator" has made a big impact on many ladies lives!

With so many toys to choose from, the sex toy market is becoming more and more complicated. From first glance you can see how simple and cute the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is. But don't be fooled by its adorable curved design. This sex toy for women has some serious punch. It also boasts high-end features, including being waterproof and USB rechargeable. Some compare the penguin to the Womanizer Pro40, but with a much smaller price tag.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin:

Toy Design:

"Cute" is the best word we can use for the design of the Pro Penguin. We love that it’s made from soft medical grade silicone and that it is small. Small enough to put in a carry on bag when travelling. Most of the other Satisfyer toys have the head at a right angle, making them easy to position onto the clitoris, the Pro Penguin head is angled, making it less convenient to use and harder to hold in the right spot. Not a big deal but we did noticed the design change.

The Buttons:

There are two buttons on the side of the toy facing towards your body. One is a power button, the other is for changing the intensity and frequency of the vibrations. The Pro Penguin’s buttons are not very obvious though. You have to press the smaller power button for several seconds, longer than you think you’d have to. It has 11 different settings ranging from a slight rumble to a powerful vibe that can even be too much for some women. If you like your vibrations strong, then push the intensity button 11 times and you’ll be well on your way to a big orgasm. I prefer using the Penguin on a 6 or 7 intensity setting.

The Performance:

There is no mucking around with this toy! It really gets to work fast. I went from "this feels pretty nice" to "oh my god" in just a couple of minutes, which makes this sex toy great for a quicky! The performance of this sex toy and its ability to make you orgasm so fast is outstadning. We have no doubt you could achieve most types of female orgasm (Single Orgasm, Multiple Orgasms, Blended Orgasms and Status Orgasmus). The clitoral suction on the Penguin is nice but we felt it didn’t quite live up to the promise of the simulation of real life oral sex. For one session, my partner used the Pro Penguin on me during foreplay and this was a nice addition to break up any usual routine you might have. It got me ready to go in no time, which he loved. Small and comfortable, but the vibrations can be a bit loud when pulled away from your body. When we pulled the sex toy away from the body, the toy rumbled loudly. Some people might find this to be a turn-off. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin has some great characteristics. It is rechargeable with a USB, which is much easier than than scrambling to replace some batteries before the mood passes. It is also waterproof, and great for a bubble bath!


If you're looking for a new sex toy this month, then "Masturbation May" is here! We give the Penguine from Satisfyer a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The pros outweigh the cons by far! The Satisyer Pro Penguin is fancy and it's inexpensive. It does what it does very well, which is produce mind blowing orgasms very quickly! If you’re looking for a toy to take on a trip or travel with, or help you reach orgasm in less than five minutes, or to mix up your usual dildo or vibrator routine, this is a great choice. 





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