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Size Matters Ultra Real Penis Extension

Sculpted with incredible lifelike details, this penis extension gives you more to work with when playing with a partner!

Fulfill exciting fantasies when you slip your shaft into the 6.75-inch insertable sheath and your scrotum into the strap. Once this extension sleeve is secured, you will have at least 1 more inch in length and about 1 inch of extra girth to play with. The solid tip alone adds 1 additional inch! The lifelike shape adds to the fantasy as you delve into ecstasy. The Size Matters 8.5 Inch Ultra Real Solid 2 inch Tip Penis Enhancer & Extension with Ball Ring also allows you to penetrate for longer, with a low friction 1 inch wide unstretched internal tunnel and a snug and secure ball-strap. Your partner will love feeling every inch of your uncircumcised monster cock as it thrusts them towards climax!

Add a little water-based lube to yourself and insert your shaft into this penis enhancer’s hollow inner chamber. A stretchy 1-inch ball ring at the enhancer’s base wraps around your balls for extra stimulation and to keep you securely inside the enhancer, no matter how fast and frenzied the sex gets. This loop also acts as a perineum massager that can be trimmed for comfort. Inside the inner chamber, soft pleasure bumps massage your shaft as you move. Your lover will appreciate your new look and the way the realistically-shaped shaft feels during penetration. If you’ve ever had size fantasies or just want to change up the sensation for a special night, this big realistic penis enhancer is a great choice.

Increase your potential. Expand upon your sex life with a line of products that is all about Bigger and Better! Ranging from enhancement sleeves to twist-up suckers to pumping systems, Size Matters offers an enormous selection of products for the erogenous zones of anyone interested in enlargement. Discover new heights of pleasure as sensitivity is increased! Push your physical limits with Size Matters.

Made from TPR(ThermoPlastic Rubber), the Size Matters Line of toys is body safe and a great choice for everyone. Always use massive amounts of your favorite Water Based Lubricant for a more enjoyable experience. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water, or try the Toy Cleaner for an even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

  • Color: Flesh
  • Materials: TPR
  • Length: 8.5 inch(outside)
  • Insertable Length: 6.25 inch
  • Inner Length: 4.25 inch
  • Inner Diameter: 1 inch(unstretched)
  • Outer Width Unstretched: 1.5 inch by 1.6 inch(head), 1.375 inch by 1.25 inch(top of shaft), 1.75 inch(base of shaft), 1 inch(ball ring)
  • Powered By: You
  • Weight: 16 oz

  • Additional Information: Pleasure bumps inside chamber, Loop stretches around balls to secure enhancer, richly veined, Increase the girth of your cock easily Helps men who prematurely ejaculate still give pleasure to their partner, Has a realistic cockhead for deeper sensations, Phthalate Free, waterproof, body-safe, Water Based Lubricant Recommended

    Cock sleeves and penis extension sex toys are designed to enhance the size of the male penis and erection. They are designed to be slipped over the penis to create a longer and wider male member, then used in penetrative sex.  They are designed to increase the pleasure of sex by increasing both the length and girth of your penis. Some are built with clitoral vibrators for even more intense toe-curling pleasure.

    There are a huge variety of penis extension sleeves available at our online store, and each one has different design attributes that will stimulate different parts of your sensitive sexy bits. Although they are worn by men, they really are a couples sex toy that allows you to explore and enjoy new sensations you would not normally experience. It's always fun to try and enjoy new things in the bedroom to keep your sex life fresh and exciting. Penis sleeves offer a way to try having sex with a longer and wider penis, while also experiencing amazing features like ribbed textures and powerful vibrating clit ticklers.

    Cock Sleeves are condom-like sex toys designed for the male penis to be inserted into. Simply slip your penis into one and it will add extra girth and/or length to your erection. What are the benefits of wearing a cock sleeve during sex? Penis sleeves have many benefits when it comes to sex. For starters, they increase the size (both length and width of your erection. This allows for a fuller and deeper vaginal or anal penetration. Secondly, many are designed with ribbed or textured continues, which provides extra stimulation to the receiving partner.

    Did you know that the average size of an erect male penis is is about 12.9 cm (5.1") in length? Most people are quite surprised to hear that fact.

    Not all men are created equal. Not all women's needs in the bedroom are equal. If you are the kind of guy that is concerned about measuring up in the bedroom and wants to pleasure your woman in every which way, then try extending your penis by using a cock sleeve. Always be careful when choosing a sleeve from our online store. They come in all shapes and sizes and your goal should be to get the perfect internal fit, not purchase the biggest one you can find.

    The truth is, most women prefer a little extra girth rather than longer lengths. Did you know that most vaginas are 7 inches deep? It's true, which means most ladies don't enjoy having anything too long going too deep into their soft and delicate sexy bits. Longer is not always better when it comes to the vagina. However, for those who prefer anal sex length can be a different story. Many anal sex lovers like their strokes long and deep. Of course, this depends completely on the individual. So make sure you talk things through with your partner. This will help you purchase the best penis sleeve online.

    Cock sleeves are a great solution to increasing the size of your erection cheaply. They are a non-permanent way to increase the size of your penis without getting surgery or taking medication or prescription drugs. Many of which can have terrible side effects.

    When purchasing the right sleeve for you, always consider the following. Choose a sleeve that is made from body-safe materials. This will ensure you don't get any skin irritations or reactions (eg: if you are allergic to latex, steer clear from the latex versions). The right fit is paramount. Some of the higher-quality penis sleeves can be cut to length. This means you can snip off the bottom end of the sleeve to match the length of your dick. The most important thing you should be looking for is comfort. Comfort for both you and your partner is crucial, as you both want to enjoy the ecstasy and heightened orgasms these sex toys are designed to produce.

    Check out our penis sleeves category in the sex toys for men menus to find the right Cock Sleeve for you!

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