Adora Solid Chrome Metal Anal Beads - 4 Balls

Adora Solid Chrome Metal Anal Beads - 4 Balls - 560g

Enjoy an intense pleasure session with toys inspired by the bestselling erotic romance Fifty Shades! The Adora Silver Anal Beads are not the average set of anal beads. This set of anal beads features a string that combines four solid metal weighted 2.3cm balls to really work your inner muscles with just over 560 grams in weight! Squeeze your inner muscles around these love balls to improve your core control and firmness, and enjoy intense sensations. Contains a retrieval ring for easy removal.


• 15 cm total length, each ball measures 2.3 cm in diameter
• Solid metal balls with chrome finish
• Weigh 560 Grams in total (heavy)
• Ideal for anal bead exercises and foreplay
• For middle and advanced anal beads users

Preserving good sexual function, and physical and reproductive health is paramount to most of our lives. Both psychological and emotional development and general well-being are affected by our physical condition.

While many aspects of men's and women's physical fitness are the same, a woman's sexual health is very different from a man's. It is for this reason that we stock a huge range of anal beads to help you achieve your optimal health sexual health.

Many women experience a weakened pelvic floor which can be a result of many different reasons. Some experience this condition because of life events including having babies, ageing, weight gain, and lack of physical and sexual exercise.

Anal beads, a popular and versatile adult accessory, provide a unique and pleasurable experience for individuals and couples exploring intimate desires. These discreet, often flexible, beaded strings are designed for anal insertion, gradually increasing in size. Whether used solo or with a partner, incorporating anal beads into intimate moments adds an extra layer of excitement. When using anal beads alone, individuals can control the pace and depth of insertion, tailoring the experience to their preferences. When shared with a partner, communication becomes key to ensure comfort and pleasure. With proper lubrication and relaxation, anal beads offer a safe and enjoyable way to explore new sensations and heighten intimacy, fostering a sense of connection and adventure between partners.

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Adora Solid Chrome Metal Anal Beads - 4 Balls

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