The Future Of Sex, Sex Dolls and AI

The Future Of Sex | Sex Dolls and Artificial Intelligence


There is nothing more inherently human than sex. We’ve been doing it ever since we have existed, and it has been an essential tool in our survival. We’re not amoebas people! While sex has preceded us for millennia in other species, and will most likely still be here in one form or another far after we’re gone, humans have always had an interesting take on it.


We’re one of the rare species that has turned sex into a science. Ever since it became socially acceptable to have sex for fun or pre-marriage, things have changed significantly. Sex has been destigmatized and has never enjoyed a more profitable age than this one.


Every single kink, fetish, and turn on is represented in one way or another. Every single fetish has its own group and community. We are more likely to connect with someone on a deeper way if they enjoy the same things as us.


There are few pleasures like sex, and there are a few things people enjoy doing more than their partners.


Since the evolution of sex has always been with and around us, and it’s likely to keep evolving. But how? Are we going to find out new ways to “do it”? Are we going to imagine some extensive and decadent device to do it for us? What does the future hold when it comes to sex?


The answer is simple! Like everything these days, technology has had a tremendous impact when it comes to all aspects of humanity, and sex is nothing else but the most important aspect!


Sex toy technology has started impacting the way we view sex ever since the printing press! When the first pornography magazine appeared in the late 19’th country, it was revolutionary and head-turning. We’ve gone a long way since those days.

You can find anything you really want on the internet, wherever you want. With smartphones being a standard-issue these days, and data plans growing cheaper and cheaper, your sexual needs can be taken on the go!


We should take a look at dating websites/forums, and their heirs to the throne, dating apps. Dating apps are a regular thing these days, and there is one for absolutely every single niche of dating you can think of.


We have since evolved from days of viewing erotic material on our tv’s and even smartphones! A game-changing discovery has changed the way we’re looking at six, and the name is VR technology!


Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is pretty self-explanatory. It’s using advanced devices such as VR Goggles in order to simulate something that isn’t actually real. It has emerged in the past couple of years and has found exponential success in fields such as Architecture and Gaming.


Even if VR technology has been with us ever since the 30’, it has truly lived up to its name in the past couple of years. We’ve all seen those goggles with the switching pictures when we were kids and the filthier version that was made for adults.


But, it was only a matter of time before we figured out how we can use this amazing improved technology to fulfill our “other” needs. Since the emergence of modern VR goggles, we have tried ever so vigilantly to get filthy with it.

When the goggles emerged, there was a sudden and abundant influx of pornographic videogames that were widely available. They were primitive, to say the least, but they were a step in the right direction.


The year is 2019, and sex videogames that work with VR technology have evolved exponentially. They have given us an extremely immersive feeling that is outmatched only by a couple of things. One of these things is virtual reality pornographic video content.


Numerous big names in the porn industry have begun offering pornographic content not only in 3D but in VR. Through your headset, you can observe the simulation you’ve chosen to get yourself into. The realism also gives an immersive experience, that has given an even newer perspective on sex and pornography.



We really should not let the evolution of technology and our viewing pleasures have an effect on our real sex lives. Numerous people have stated that even replicating something from pornography usually ends up in something that both parties don’t enjoy.


Sex is sex, and it should be treated like that. Even though there are numerous devices and things that might give us a whole new perspective on sex and masturbation, we really should remember what makes us human, or makes “more” humans.



But! Technology hasn’t stopped at only viewing pleasures, as numerous devices are there to “give us a helping hand” when it comes to masturbation and our sex lives.


Sex toys have existed since the hammer and anvil. The earliest sex toys have been dated at 28.000 years old! So, this ancient technology and before all else, tool, has been with us for quite a long time, right? That’s completely right! And like everything that has spent a long time with humanity, it has been subjected to evolution. 


Sex toys can be divided into two different categories: masturbation sex toys and sex toys for couples.


Sex Toys


Sex toys have always existed as a helping hand in the bedroom. Be it for the sake of masturbation or as a sexual aid when it comes to the real deal, they have been cemented in our subconsciousness and have changed the way we view sex.



When it comes to sex toys that function as sexual aids, there are millions of niches that have their own set of sex toys. Since sex is no longer taboo, let’s the most popular fetish that deals with sex toys.




BDSM is one of the oldest fetishes and has played an essential role in human history. People have always known to associate pleasure with pain, and nowhere is this more clear than BDSM.


Bondage Dominance Sado-Masochism, or BDSM, in short, is a fetish that focuses on causing or receiving pain to achieve sexual pleasure. There are BDSM fetishes or in extreme cases, BDSM lifestyles.


When it comes to BDSM fetishes, the relationship is exclusively sexual. When it comes to lifestyle, the situation can get a little more complicated. As you’re living as your sexual role, and your life is going to be based around it.

Now, when it comes to the toolset that is used in BDSM, it’s continuously evolving. Some sex toys have evolved from medieval torture devices, and have found their respective fans in the eyes of modern-age people.


BDSM is fascinating when it comes to technology, as people have always been innovative when it comes to causing pain. Some machines are designed for automatic spanking or contraction in the case of bondage, and then there are tools that are best used by “hand.”


BDSM has also found its fanbase in the body modification community, as a lot of people opt for certain body mods or piercings to enhance their sexual pleasures. Such body mods range from tongue splitting to genital piercings, even vibrating ones!


How BDSM will evolve in the future is uncertain, but it evolving is virtually inevitable. Humans have always found new and exciting ways to inflict pain upon others, and combining that with sex is one deadly cocktail!


New Fetishes


Another thing that might emerge in the future is new fetishes. Fetishes have been around for a long time, and some have survived for millennia. We’ll talk about one of them a little later in this article.


New fetishes might not be a far stretch as you might think. With the evolution of tech, there could be tech-based fetishes that might be hiding just around the corner. Perhaps super-advanced sex dolls will be the preferred partners of some?


Kinks and fetishes have always been around. And, ever since we’ve connected every single person through the magic of the internet, a lot more have emerged. Something people haven’t even dreamed of and thought of has been made widely available.


Merging two or more fetishes inevitably leads to more and more unique fetishes that have their own branch of inspiration, and the circle goes on. Whatever you might be into, trust us, you’re not alone.


Masturbation Toys


Masturbation Toys have been around forever, and have been providing humans with much needed sexual release for a long time now. It’s only natural that with the evolution of technology, we will evolve the way we please ourselves.


Digital Erotica has always been a dream and has only recently become a reality. Numerous masturbation devices might change the way you masturbate forever, and might even replace sex in the long term.


Whatever your gender is, there is a sex toy that fits all of your needs. You just haven’t found it yet. Vibrating panties that connect to your phone via Bluetooth have been a real thing for a long time. Now, if you look hard, you can find a pair for absolutely nothing on websites such as Amazon or Aliexpress.



We’ve always looked for ways to incorporate remote technology into our sex lives, and we have made a tremendous step in the right direction. Let us introduce you to the term of teledildonics.


Teledildonics is a term that is used when someone is referring to remote sex, or at least remote masturbation. Sexual helping hands are always appreciated, but they’re immensely handy when the helping hand is controlled by your significant other.


This solves some of the problems couples that don’t spend a lot of time together might have in their sex life. The technology itself is still in its infancy, but it has made steady progress in the last couple of years.


The field of teledildonics has gone from Bluetooth short distance teasing to full-fledged cybersex through the internet. All you might need is a webcam and some of the sex toys that are made with teledildonics in mind.


Numerous popular manufacturers produce smart sex toys that keep teledildonics at the core of their idea. In this era of digital erotica, this is a thing you absolutely can’t miss out on. Some of the manufacturers you should give a shot are We-Vibe and OhMiBod.


Remember that amazing VR Technology we talked about earlier? Well, it turns out that the VR isn’t only used for viewing pleasure. There exist devices that not only let you see whatever scenario you would love to play out, but they let you feel it as well!


Much like smart sex toys, the VR Sex Toy industry provides you with a device that aids masturbation. It can be directly linked to your VR goggles, to give you a fully immersive and “Hands-Off” approach to masturbation. What’s there not to love?


Sex Dolls


No, this is not a cyberpunk dystopian universe you’ve found yourself in, this is real life! We’ve talked about smart masturbation devices, but devices aren’t anything but a helping hand.



Sex Dolls are a long shot from masturbation devices, as they offer an unseen amount of immersion. You don’t even have to imagine anything anymore. You don’t even have to live your fantasies out with a simulation. You can do it in real life, with a real-life sex doll.



Sex dolls have been around for longer than you might think, but what we can see today is something completely different. Sex dolls are no longer the blow-up nylon pieces of garbage that you see at raves and big parties, far from it.


Sex dolls aren’t dolls anymore either. Technology has advanced to such an extent that sex dolls are employing the magic called robotics to outperform every other toy around.



There isn’t any need to dream about your perfect sexual partner. You can’t fall in love with an object, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t make love to it. And if you’re already making love to one, it might as well be the perfect doll for you.



This technology has also become much cheaper in recent years, with fully functional life-sized sex dolls dropping in price significantly. But, the price always depends on the product.


The product, in this case, the sex doll itself, can vary significantly in quality, function, and material. All of these aspects can greatly impact the price. Some of the cheaper sex dolls will only set you back about 500USD, while some of the more advanced and higher quality ones can reach up to 4000USD.



There are only two materials from which the highest quality sex dolls are made: Silicone and TPE.




Now, we all know what silicone is. Silicone sex dolls are an amazing but more expensive choice. They offer you an authentic experience through the similarity of skin and silicone.


They can also have heating systems that simulate human orifices perfectly. Silicone sex dolls simply feel quite a lot like the real thing, and cleaning is an absolute breeze. And let’s face it, if you’re making the mess, you might as well make the most of the cleanup.


The problem with silicone dolls is the pricetag. Silicone dolls might be a little better when it comes to quality, but their price can be a little too steep when it comes to the average consumer. Another problem is the scent that silicone can accumulate over time if you don’t clean and maintain it properly.


Thermo-Plastic Rubber


TPE is a rubber-like material that is used in sex doll production, and it is no less amazing than silicone! TPE dolls are generally much cheaper than silicone dolls, as the material used to create them is cheap and widely available. The dolls might be more affordable but are generally held to the same quality standard. They are much more malleable, so you can turn your doll into any position you might want to.


TPE sex dolls suffer from a few troubles and problems as well, as they don’t really feel like the real thing. DOn’t get us wrong, the realism is on point, but compared to silicone or flesh, it’s a world of difference. Silicone is a natural material while TPE is not, so silicone doll quality is uniform, while TPE doll quality can vary depending on the manufacturer.


The choice is ultimately yours, but both are a good one if you’re thinking of getting yourself a doll. If you have the budget to do so, why not get both and find out which one fits you perfectly?


Now, this is the state where we are currently at. Sex dolls are a great and advanced way to get our rocks off, but what can we expect from the future?


AI technology has been on the rise lately, and it has found it’s application in all sorts of industries. The sex industry is truly no exception to this advancement. In order to further paint a picture of what sex dolls will inevitably become, we need to sort out the terminology.


3D touch, also named haptic technology is the technology that works on simulating human touch through nonhuman means. This basically means ultrasounds and vibrations to stimulate something inherently human, with no human directly involved.


Now, direct involvement could be a stretch. If this technology evolves even further, we could have an odd blend of our real-life partner through our sex doll. This is only one view on how AI tech could change sex dolls forever.


Another way AI-driven sex robots could change is the future is by being completely automatic and without any need for human commands. They could become completely self-reliant and able to decide certain things on their own. You could fulfill all sorts of fantasies this way, and the possibilities are truly endless.


This might not be that far in the future, or at least as far as you might think. Companies have already begun integrating primitive levels of AI technology into their sex robots, and now they can do all sorts of things.


They can speak, make small movements, make all sorts of noises and they can even learn your name! This inevitably leads to the conclusion that the future of sex toys and maybe even sex itself is robotic!


This is only the beginning though, as there is a tonne of already existing technology just waiting to be integrated into advanced sex dolls — heating, cooling, massagers, sensors. Perhaps we are going to have remote controlled sex dolls, which will also lead to numerous other fetishes and kinks. The future is now!


This future should never replace the real thing, but it should supplement it. There are numerous technologies that are dealing with the advancement of cyber erotica, and we can only dream and assume what is going to be the next big thing.


Fully sensitive and cognitive sex robots? Sex robots that work on the haptic proxy, meaning we can feel the touch of our partners even halfway around the world? Sexual holograms perhaps? The possibilities are virtually endless, and we can’t wait to see what we are getting into!

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