The Different Types of Tail Butt Plugs, and How To Wear Them

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Are you intrigued by the idea of exploring different types of tail butt plugs to spice things up in the bedroom? Look no further! In this blog, you'll learn all about the different styles, sizes, and shapes available, plus tips on how to wear them safely and comfortably. Discover new ways to tantalize your senses and expand your bedroom pleasure!

What are the different types of tail plugs?

Tail butt plugs, sometimes called tail plugs, are a type of anal toy that can be used to enhance sexual pleasuring as well as create a definite aesthetic. A tail plug consists of a silicone or metal plug that is inserted into the anus and then attached to a furry animal-like tail. There is an array of different types of tails available for purchase, ranging from cats, dogs, foxes and raccoons to ponies, devils, bunnies and wolves. Tail plugs can also come in a fun variety of fantasy shapes such as unicorns or pigs. The list of tail butt plugs on the market include:

  • Cat Tails.

  • Dog Tails.

  • Fox Tails.

  • Raccoon Tails.

  • Pony Tails.

  • Devil Tails.

  • Bunny Tails.

  • Wolf Tails.

  • Unicorn Tails.

  • Pig Tails.

When wearing your chosen animal tail butt plug, it's important you understand how it works and the tips for comfort. The best first step is making sure you select the right size in order to avoid any discomfort while inserting and removing the plug – you want it neither too big nor too small. It’s also wise to clean your tail before and after each use with mild soap and warm water. Avoiding soaps with any fragrances or harsh chemicals will help ensure the safe reuse material integrity of your tail. They should always be hand washed only.

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Lastly, make sure before you insert each time that you lubricate the plug tip area as well as properly lube up your anal opening first with a quality nature-based lube that is compatible with silicone toys if using those types of tails.

Simply following these tips when selecting and wearing different types of tail butt plugs should help ensure both comfort and enjoyment whether it's for aesthetics fun or sex-related activities. Enjoy!

Which Tail Should You Get?

When it comes to different types of tail butt plugs, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. Different animal tail butt plugs can vary in size, shape and material, so it is important to make sure that you pick the one best suited for your butt cheeks and preferences. A good starting point when making your choice is to think about which tail would look and feel the most comfortable for you.

puppy tail butt plug

Here are some of the most popular options available and what purpose they serve:

  • Fox Tails: Fox tails are the classic go-to for those looking for a flamboyant and eye-catching look. They come in a variety of sizes and are usually made out of plush fur or faux-fur fabric material giving them a realistic feel. These tails are usually very long and furry and come in a variety of different fur patterns.

  • Silicone Tails: Silicone tails offer more stability than other material types because they are harder than typical fur pieces yet still provide just enough flexibility to provide comfortable use during insertion or removal periods. With its smooth texture, this material also does not irritate general skin sensitivities proving it safe for all body types! While some silicone models may lack some vibrational features found in other materials like faux fur, they do make up for it with their ability to retain heat better than other typical synthetic options giving a better overall experience when using them with warm water or lube during playtime sessions!

  • Piggy Tails: Piggytails offer their own unique designed flair as their shape mimics an actual pig’s tail – curly at one end – with its inner diameter ranging slightly larger than standard-sized butt plugs allowing them to fit more comfortably inside the anal canal as well as remaining secure while being used in vigorous play settings such as BDSM activities if desired! The firm fabric of its design also gives off more pressure when inserting deepening the sensation felt by those donning one compared to similar designs made out of faux fur or real hair fibres keeping them on longer during prolonged sessions!

So take your time deciding which type would suit you best according to personal preference. If unsure ask for advice from the professionals here at The Hot Spot, or experienced owners. Whichever route is taken going into purchases well informed convinced will provide enjoyable experiences incomparable to any literal "tail" chasing game imaginable!

How to Clean a Tail Butt Plug

When using a tail butt plug for anal play, proper care must be taken in order to keep your toy clean and safe to use. It is important to clean your toy thoroughly after each use and before storage. Fortunately, cleaning tail butt plugs is fairly simple and straightforward.

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The first step in the process is to remove the plug from the anal area and rinse it off with warm water. Afterwards, it is recommended that an antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner be used to clean the area around where it was inserted as well as the plug itself. After washing and rinsing away any soap residue, you should submerge the plug into a container filled with hot water for at least one minute or use a scrub brush to further cleanse any remaining debris from its surface. Once finished, you should thoroughly dry the plug with cotton swabs or lint-free cloth before storing it away for future use.

It's also essential that you follow additional safety practices when handling anal sex toys such as wearing gloves or using a condom if sharing them with multiple partners. Additionally, after cleaning your tail butt plug you should inspect each section of the device for any signs of damage or wear and tear from contact with moisture or friction during use. Any visible damage, especially to a glass butt plug may indicate that they are no longer safe to use. Such anal plugs should be replaced as soon as possible in order to avoid potential injuries or further damage occurring while engaging in activities utilizing these toys. Following these guidelines will ensure that your tail butt plugs provide years of satisfaction without posing health risks!


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