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We-Vibe Sync Lite -  Pink

Sync Lite is an intuitive vibrator for curious couples looking to deepen their connection. Smooth and simple to use, Sync Lite is the perfect way to start your adventure with hands-free vibrations you can both enjoy. This phone controlled vibrator offers customizable settings for a tailored experience.

Who it’s for? 

Sync Lite is aimed at curious couples who are looking to spice up their sexual repertoire. They may own a few sex toys already but likely will not have tried a couple‘s vibrator before. Sync Lite is a simple, intuitive couples‘ toy, offering the core functions of the classic Sync toy at a competitive price. 

How to control? 

Sync uses simple, single-button controls. To turn on, press the control button on the toy. To cycle through vibration modes and intensity levels, press the control button again. Long press the button to turn the toy off again.

Sync can also be controlled using the We Vibe app. 


  • Ergonomic pleasure shape 
  • We-Vibe app 
  • Single-button control 
  • Slim insertable arm 
  • 10 intensity levels 
  • Whisper quiet 
  • Rechargeable
  • Splashproof IPX4
  • Silky-smooth silicone
  • Up to 45 minutes of play 
  • Product and USP descriptions 

Product descriptions:

  • Ergonomic Pleasure Shape - Sync Lite is designed to allow couples to experience shared vibrations, hands-free, during sex. Maximum pleasure, maximum comfort. 
  • App & Single-Button Control - Use the simple single-button control on the toy or use the We-Vibe app to explore more options. Play together with a partner using the app to give your play extra spark – across a room or a continent. 
  • Slim insertable arm - Soft edges and sleek design means Sync Lite slips inside the vagina comfortably, allowing easy wear during sex. Sync Lite adds vibrations that both partners can enjoy. 
  • 10 Intensity Levels - Sync Lite provides 10 different intensity levels, so you can control the power of your vibrations. Start with a gentle buzz and increase the intensity when things get hot... 
  • Whisper Quiet - Sync Lite’s powerful, rumbly vibrations are surprisingly quiet and discreet, so you can confidently use your toy without alerting the neighbors... 

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We-Vibe Sync Lite - Pink