What is an Anal Douche?

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If you regularly enjoy anal sex or anal masturbation, then there is a pretty good chance you have already looked online for tips on how to make your experience more enjoyable. One thing you might have seen mentioned time and time again is anal douching beforehand.

In this article, we will explain everything anal douche and enema related, including what, when and why you should douche to improve any anal pleasure experience.

What are anal douches?

Anal douches are a product that is designed to flush out your anal passage (or rectum) by squirting water up into your anal passage in preparation for anal sex or using a butt plug.

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Before we dive straight into talking about how or why you might choose to use an anal douche, we should probably talk about what they actually are first.

There are two main components to almost all anal douches:

  1. A bulb - The bulb is a container designed to hold the liquid you’ll be putting inside your body.
  2. A nozzle. - The nozzle is a small hollow tube that you insert into your anus and use to squirt the liquid up into your anus.


Both parts together make a simple device used to clean out your rectum!

Let's take a moment to explain a little more about the rectum. This is the part of your body found inside your anus, and it’s an important point when we look at the differences between an anal douche and an enema.

Essentially anal douching is designed to clean out the rectum, whereas enemas are made to go much deeper, to clean as far into the body as the colon or large intestine.

An enema will give you a much deeper clean, for the majority of people having anal sex, an anal douche is more than sufficient for anal sex or play.

By inserting the nozzle of the douche into your anus, then squeezing the bulb, the chosen liquid will be pushed inside your rectum.

Sitting on the toilet and pushing the liquid back out will flush out the rectum, and dump out all material up there including bacteria and any faeces into the toilet.

Discharging the liquid out of the body removed all of the nasty stuff up there, and leaves you nice and clean and evading any surprises while you enjoy everything your butt has to offer.

Why Should You Anal Douche?

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Ok, so now you know what a douche is. Why would you use one? The most obvious reason you’d want to douche is to avoid leftover faeces appearing while you are enjoying an anal sex experience.

Preparing with a douche allows you the peace of mind of not having to think about any dirty surprises that might arise during anal penetration. Relaxing is one of the most important parts of putting anything in your butt, and it can make everything more comfortable and enjoyable. Preparing properly allows both you and your partner to focus completely on enjoying yourself and making the most of the new sensations you feel.

How Often Should Yoy Anal Douche?

You should only douche prior to anal play or anal sex sessions. Excessive douching can dry out the wall of your rectum and damage many of the sensitive muscles and nerves found inside the anus.

Having a dry anal wall makes it much easier for you to suffer bruises, cuts and tears, turning your clean anal play into something painful.

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Over-douching may flush out some of the good bacteria rectum, which is not what you want. Douching may wash out a lot of these good bacteria, which is why you need to give the body time between sessions to let your body repopulate its stores of friendly bacteria.

Those of you who are bigger fans of anal sex will usually douche more often. The most important thing is to listen to your body. Our bodies are great at letting us know when things aren’t quite right, the hard part is usually figuring out what they are trying to tell us.

If you start anal douching regularly and you notice a change in your body, like cramps, diarrhea, or bloating, then you may be overdoing it a little. Ease up on your douching for a couple of weeks and give it some time for things to return to normal.

If you feel any pain or major discomfort during the douching process then it is best to stop immediately. Wait for the pain to subside before continuing or leave your douching for another day.

If pain persists see a health care professional.

How to Anal Douche

We’ve covered what they are, and how often to flush, but we haven’t discussed how to actually perform anal douching.

pre lubricated nozzle tips

It's actually a very simple procedure. Here's how to anal douche properly:


This procedure is best done in a bathroom or toilet, as you are going to be expelling liquid from your butt. We recommend gathering the following for prep:

  1. Your douche.
  2. A towel.
  3. Silicone lubricant.
  4. Soap / detergent.
  5. A toilet or shower.



1. Unscrew the douche bulb - From the nozzle. This is done by simply holding the nozzle in one hand and the build in your other hand and twisting each part in opposite directions.

2. Rinse the douche bulb and the nozzle - This is an optional step to make sure your equipment is clean before use. We recommend washing the blub and nozzle in warm soapy water, then rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Be sure to rinse all soap residue from both pieces.

3. Fill the bulb - Next, you are going to need to fill the bulb part of your douche with whatever liquid you choose to use. There are a few options, make sure to do your research before deciding to put something in your body. As a part of douche safety, we recommend just using fresh clean, cold or warm water. Never use soapy water, as your insides are not designed to be exposed to detergents and solvents. If you are going to use warm water, make sure the water is not too warm. You don't want to burn your anal canal.

A note about water temperature from healthline.com

The inner lining of your rectum is very sensitive to temperature, so you can’t use the same temperature you would in a shower. The water should be lukewarm. When you place it on the inner portion of your wrist, it shouldn’t feel warm.

4. Attach the nozzle - This is done by holding the bulb upwards so that the liquid doesn't fall out and screwing the nozzle onto the top of the bulb.

5. Lubricate the nozzle - Lubricating the nozzle will help you insert it into your butt. It is best to use a silicone lubricant because they don't dissolve in water. If you are going to be engaging in anal sex or play, you will need silicone lube anyway. It is largely agreed within the anal sex world, that silicone lubricants are the way to go.

Simply add a few drops to the nozzle, then rub it evenly to cover all parts of the nozzle.

5. Insert it into your anus - This can be tricky for first-timers. Lay down your towel on the floor of your bathroom or toilet room, next to the toilet. This is used to catch any spillage. Next, you need to get into the position to insert the douche. We recommend either bending over or squatting down over the towel.

Insert the nozzle into your anus slowly and gently, making sure not to squeeze the bulb. Once the nozzle is fully inserted you are ready to squeeze.

6. Squeezing - Before you squeeze all the liquid into your anal canal, remember that when you squeeze you must keep the build squeezed flat while removing the douche back out and tensing your butt hole. If you let the bulb go it will suck all the dirty water from your butt back into the bulb, which is not what you want!

Some anal douching models now have one-way valves, which means once you squeeze the contents into your anal canal and let go of the bulb, the liquid will not be sucked back into the bulb, which is fantastic.

clean stream one way valve

Once you are ready, slowly squirt and empty the contents of the bulb into your anal canal. Hold the bulb flat, then remove the douche and sit on the toilet.

7. Sit on the toilet - Once the liquid is inside your anal canal, sit on the toilet and give it 30 seconds to a minute to loosen the contents. You may feel like you have some bowel movement, which is normally. Then push it all out, and use some toilet paper to put yourself dry.

poop thing

You can repeat this procedure a few times if you feel that you didn't clean everything out the first time.

Some people prefer to douche in the shower, rather than using the toilet. It allows you to have the shower on, fill the douche, insert, rinse, and repeat will the showing is running. There is no reason you can't do this, as your shower drain is hooked up to the same drain as your toilet. Just be sure to clean and flush the drain part of the shower thoroughly when you are finished.

There are good reasons to get into anal douching. A good douching session will leave you feeling light, clean and confident, and ready for your sex session. So give it a try and see what you think!

The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice on any subject matter. You should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content included in this site without seeking professional medical advice.

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