Why Women’s Sex Toys are Better than a Real Man.

Why Women’s Sex Toys are Better than a Real Man.




Are women’s sex toys better than having a real man around the house? It’s an age-old question that comes up often. Sex is one of the best joys in life that keeps you from wanting more. Years ago, sex toys were taboo. More recently men and women have been trying out different ways to satisfy their bodies and they’ve been very successful. That’s because they have created something very unique and pleasurable in the form of sex toys. Whether they admit it or not, many individuals nowadays have used sex toys and even have a collection of them.


This only proves that sex, as the way we see it, is always evolving. With this in mind, it’s no surprise then that there are many kinds of sex toys available in the market today. However, why is it that women’s sex toys are better than a man? Firstly, let’s look at why women’s sex toys are so satisfying.


Created for Specific Needs.

If you don’t know yet, a woman’s body is very unique. A man can jack off by simply playing with his penis with a regular up and down motion of his hand but for women, it’s different. They need proper stimulation. Thankfully, studies have shown that sex toys for women were made for that purpose. For instance, a dildo can greatly help in achieving orgasm through the G-spot while a rabbit vibrator is perfect for vaginal and clitoral stimulations. A vibrator also provides labial and vaginal sensations that can make a woman come in no time at all. Meanwhile, anal beads offer a whole new kind of pleasure for women who love double penetration.


The More the Merrier.

Another reason why women’s sex toys are better than a man is because of the dozens of variations available. There are just too many of these toys to choose from. They may go by names like dildos, vibrators, rabbits, anal bead and more. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures too. No wonder many women find it very challenging to find their perfect playmate because there are so many of them out there.


Also, some of these sex toys have special features that add more thrill to boring masturbation sessions. A good example would be dildos with ridges or those that are longer and larger than the average size of a man’s penis. Others even come in attractive colors including glow in the dark. Looking at these sex toys alone are enough to make women horny.



Obviously, women’s sex toys aren’t exclusively for the female population. Many of these sex toys can also be used by men. A good example would be the dildo. This very popular toy is also used by men for prostate stimulation or anal sex, during masturbation or when they’re doing some man-on-man action. In addition, women’s sex toys aren’t just for masturbation but can also add more spice whenever they have sex with their partners.


Extremely Helpful.

Did you know that women use sex toys not just for masturbating but also for other reasons? These sex toys are very helpful in knowing one’s sexuality. There are some women who don’t get easily aroused while some even find it difficult to climax during sex with their partner. Sex toys can help them get to know their body better. Do they like it fast or slow? Which position can help them reach orgasm faster and better? Sex toys can help these women discover things about their body that they’ve never known before.


Feel Sexier for a Better Performance.

Sex toys also boost a woman’s self-confidence. Many of them feel unsatisfied despite the efforts of their partners which leaves them with an emptiness. They ask themselves if there’s something wrong with them or maybe they’re not doing it right. Thanks to sex toys, women feel more confident and contented with their sex life. They can use sex toys to help themselves climax while having intercourse as well as during masturbation. As a result, they feel happier, more confident and contented.


So, now that we understand the benefits and features of women’s sex toys, lets compare them to what a man has to offer.


A Real Man.

A real man is more than just his penis. He can say sweet things, he can buy flowers, lingerie and gifts, he can cook dinner. He is capable of making a woman feel special. However, he can also be ignorant to a woman’s needs and feelings, he can sit on the couch and watch sport for hours, and leave her to feel alone and unwanted.


A woman’s sex toy is ready to go at any time she wants, with a second notice, unlike a real man who a woman may have to wait for until he is in the mood. A sex toy also doesn’t care if a woman hasn’t done her hair, isn’t wearing make-up, or doesn’t have the perfect body.


Also, a man has the same penis day after day. His penis is the same size, same shape, and same texture. If a woman feels it is too small, too big, too skinny, and they are in a committed relationship, then that is what she will get every time. Women’s sex toys come in many sizes, shapes and styles. If it takes her fancy, a woman can have something different every day of the week! And don’t forget the vibrations, phone apps and all the other amazing features that technology can offer, that a real man just cannot achieve.


Women’s sex toys are undoubtedly better than a real man. Firstly, they were created for a specific purpose which is to provide different sensations that can help women climax. They are also more fun than a real man because of their unique designs and materials. Woman’s sex toys also serve many purposes apart from being a woman’s ultimate go-to masturbation buddy to being their new playmate during intercourse. They can also help a woman know more about her body and at the same time give her an extra boost of confidence and sexual contentment. More importantly, they are ready to go at any time, and due to the huge range available, can pleasure a woman in so many different ways.




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