Out Of Stock Free post Gina Realistic Double Ended Masturbation Sleeve

Gina Realistic Double Ended Masturbation Sleeve

Find two kinds of fun in one masturbator cup, isn’t it a great deal?

Blow job, jack off, no matter your type of methods or position you like, you will be satisfied by this special sex toy for men. Imagine a pretty pair of lips for you to slide your cock in, firm teeth for grazing past the spots that drive you wild, a soft, pliable tongue that licks you. Also a tight pink pussy is waiting for you. 

The Zemalia Gina is a realistic masturbator for him that features a vagina with a super real inner structure. The soft inner covering creates intense and pleasurable thrusts.

The realistic mouth and vagina sleeve is made of ultra soft and body-safe TPE material, with a realistic inner structure. Covered with a simple and discreet ABS shell and easy-use twist cap, you can take it anywhere. The dimensions of the male masturbator are suitable for most penis sizes.


  • It is a  double ended masturbation cup for men- Features realistically designed vagina and mouth with soft teeth and tongue.
  • It is best fit to stimulates vaginal penetration and deep throat for oral sex
  • Super soft and pliable textured inner provides realistic feeling
  • Easy and firm to grip design
  • Discreet casing to allow for travel and storage
  • Waterproof & Easy to clean thanks to its removable sleeve

  • Specifications:  

  • Material: TPE 
  • Type: 2-in-1 Vaginal & Oral Sex 
  • Length: 8.26 inch 
  • Net weight: 1LB 
  • Package list: 1 x Male Masturbator  

  • Notice: 

    1. Recommended to use with water-based lubricant for a better experience. 

    2. DO NOT clean in a overturned way.Just directly flush the channels under running water. 

    With regular use, the sleeve might get a bit sticky, if this happens, just sprinkle a Renewing Powder liberally to restore softness, to store it and also coat it lightly with other equivalent renewing powder. Store this toy separately from other sex toys. 

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