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Maid My Day - Joyous Jasmine

The beautiful inflatable love doll with a charming printed face and loving pose to tempt your sensation. She's a life size sex model who has large breasts with erect nipples and 3 tempting love holes to seduce your penis.

  • Large breasts with erect nipples
  • Body safe PVC material
  • 3 tempting love holes:
    • Mouth
    • Vagina
    • Anus

    Blow up dolls can be a cheap alternative to the more expensive Lifelike dolls  are also a great way to get started in the wide world of sex dolls, especially for that first timer wanting to explore into the world of male stimulation. These dolls have often been misused as just being gimmicky items but when in fact they can, especially with some customisation, function as an attractive love doll.

    Dolls usually do not come with that many features to choose from due to their affordable price. Their appearances are fairly fixed and do not offer the level of customisability that high-end lifelike dolls may have. The key feature that blow up dolls do possess are the number of “holes” (also known as orifices) that the doll has. Most blow up dolls only come with 1 hole which is in the spot of the vagina, however there are higher end blow up dolls that can offer two (mouth and vagina). Also some manufacturers make the head of the inflatable doll out of a separate material in order to improve the doll’s appearance as well.

    The inflatable doll is always available whenever you want to hook up for instant hard and fast love action. Become the love master with this compatible inflatable companion. All that you require is a universal hand pump to bring your ultimate lover to life. Explore her super tight vaginal and anal love passages using quality lube, for an unforgettable mind-blowing experience. The ultimate blow job also awaits you. Hook up with your pumped up lover for intimate solo play on another level. Before and after every use, clean the doll with a toy cleaner spray or mild soapy water.

    Although blow up dolls also known as inflatable dolls and are often been used as a cheap novelty gift for that upcoming bucks or birthday party, they can still actually function as a proper sex doll also. The only real question really is – which one do you choose?

    Care and Maintenance
    The best way to clean your love doll is to take her into the shower and wash her with soap and warm water, be sure to get inside and out. You can use toy cleaner and toy wipes on her, but showering her is the easiest ways to get everything.

    PVC is compatible with silicone and water based lubes, be sure to use a good amount before penetrating her. This will help provide more stimulation and make coming in and out easier.

    She is easy enough to store just deflate her and put her back in the box or get some kind of tote bag for her. You will want to keep her away from sharp things, since she can get holes, but there is a repair kit for that. She is by no means discreet, so is you do not want someone to see her, be sure that she is put away.

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