Satisfyer Pro 2 Review: Is The Next Generation Model Worth It?

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Welcome to our review of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation! This innovative sex toy does a lot more than its previous version and brings the latest in clitoral suction technology to the bedroom.

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We took a closer look at what makes this model different from other sucking toys on the market, from its silicone head to its magnetic charger, and more. Get ready to enter a world of pleasure as we discover why this model is making waves in the sex toy industry!

Introduction to Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the latest iteration in a long line of innovative sexual enhancement products from Satisfyer. This revolutionary sex toy for women is the next generation model and is designed to bring you even more pleasure and satisfaction than ever before. From its soft head and generous power and increased intensity, the Satisfyer Pro 2 has revolutionized clitoral stimulation with suction-style sex toys.

Whether you’re new to this type of toy or looking to upgrade your previous version, understanding what makes the Satisfyer pro 2 unique can help give you a better idea of how this latest version may fit into your sex life.

In this review, we’ll explore topics such as design features, performance, ease of use and price point - giving you enough information to decide if the Satisfyer Pro 2 is right for you.

Features of Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the next generation design of the original Satisfyer Pro 1 and is a high-quality sex toy that offers clitoral suction pleasure. The improved design of the Satisfyer Pro 2 includes many new features for intense orgasms.


The Satisfyer Pro 2 has an easy to use power button at the top of it to change the intensity, which accepts both long and short presses depending on the desired power. The silicone head used in this toy has twice as much air pulsation power as compared to its previous version.

The body safe silicone material of this device makes it safe for use without any worries. A fast charger also provides quick charging to last through multiple sessions and orgasms. Additionally, since it’s completely waterproof, you can enjoy its pleasure while having a bath or shower.

This clitoral stimulation product is designed with an ergonomic shape combined with real-feel curves so that you could comfortably hold it in your hand while in use. Another great feature that is worth mentioning here is that the lower intensity settings can make you feel limitless pleasures because they are much softer than their predecessor.

product features

Finally, though sensations from other clit toys are similar to this one, one thing worth noting about Satisfyer Pro 2 is its silent operation; allowing discreet sexy moments even when others may be in the next room!

Comparison of Satisfyer Pro 2 with Other Clitoral Suction Toys

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has been specifically designed to provide powerful and intense clitoral stimulation via clitoral suction. It features a sleek and ergonomic shape with a slightly rounded head, that's suitable for both solo and foreplay.

ergonomic design

Additionally, this toy features a larger-than-normal round power button that lets you decrease or increase the intensity with easy single-click control. Its high-tech design also makes it completely waterproof, allowing you to enjoy it in the shower or bathtub.

Compared to other suction toys, the Sat Pro 2 stands out thanks to its various enhancements. For instance, both the original Satisfyer Pro 1 as well as its competitor Womanizer offer similar head shapes and air vacuum technology for powerful orgasms - though the feel may vary from person to person depending on their sensitivity level. The Satisfyer's Clean Cup offers an even softer silicone head.

In terms of price range among these different models, Satisfyer Pro 2 is moderately priced in comparison to others that could cost significantly more but might not offer additional features such as portability with a USB rechargeable battery.

Air Pulsation Power

Perfectly styled out of ABS plastic and body-safe silicone, the Satisfyer Pro 2 features air pulse pressure wave technology that will gently suck and pulsate your sexual organs. This technology simulates suction and air pressure around the clitoris; heightening arousal levels significantly. It is powered by rechargeable USB batteries, allowing uninterrupted play sessions and more freedom when organizing your sexual encounters.

Medical Grade Silicone Head

The Satisfyer Pro 2 features an oval-shaped head, which is extremely soft, flexible, and comfortable against delicate skin. The design has been optimized to increase suction and make sure the clitoris is aroused properly. The head is replaceable and replacement heads can be easily purchased from our online adult shop.

The clitoral stimulation provided by the Satisfyer Pro 2 is achieved with its soft, head made from a non-toxic and non-porous material. This ensures that your sensitive skin is not irritated or damaged during use.

Magnetic Charger

It also comes with a magnetic charger, which makes it easy to charge and store away without having to fumble around with cords when you're ready to use it. The charger has strong magnets that deliver up to 8 hours of session time before you need to power up again - great for prolonged pleasure for those seeking lots of use!

charging cable

Control Panel

Additionally, this device has a simple control panel on the handle which makes it very simple to operate, making it perfect for people who don't like complicated toys or controls. Simple up and down buttons to adjust the suction effect and increase and decrease intensity.

Control Panel

Multiple Orgasms with Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 promises to offer endless orgasms with its clitoral suction technology. Designed with the same body-safe silicone as the first Satisfyer model, this upgraded version extends satisfaction further.

The noise levels of the device are whisper quiet, so you can enjoy your little secret in complete privacy and pleasure without anyone else knowing. Comparing it to other suction toys on the market it has a bigger difference in performance than those that may be found on a tight budget.

orgasm face

Water based lubricant can enhance the sensation when using this toy. At first glance, we wondered how such an intuitive design would ever be able to live up to expectations – but when I took it out of its storage pouch I was pleasantly surprised by its potency.

I felt limitless pleasure when I began playing around with it – increasing or decreasing intensity as needed whilst getting lost in waves of orgasmic vibration coursing through my body... And then suddenly another.,.. And another!

A true testament to the strength of this amazing little device. The intensity was unbelievable even at lower settings! What’s more impressive about this next generation version (compared to previous versions), you can easily control all 12 different vibration settings using one hand.

Both user reviews and my own review show that the biggest difference between this device and other similar sex toys on the market is that it produces almost unlimited orgasms right away - no need for working up or waiting around before experiencing those highly aroused moments which leads us into profound pleasure – again an again!

In comparison, its predecessor ‘Satisfyer 1', lasts half as long whereas Sat Pro 2, produces much longer lasting delightful nights together making them both physically & mentally feel amazing!

Next Generation Model of Satisfyer Pro 2

The original Sat Pro already achieved impressive results and was rated highly by many Amazon reviewers, but the next-generation model takes things up a notch with enhanced features that are sure to make your experience even better.

The cylindrical head is made from medical-grade silicone that ensures comfort while providing intense pulsating sensations using its airwave technology. This orgasm generator has an even stronger motor and increased intensity settings, allowing users to decrease or increase the intensity of the suction as needed.

It also comes with a longer battery life than its predecessor and is completely waterproof for extended aquatic pleasure. Another big difference between these pleasure toys is that this model is easier to navigate and control. With all these impressive updates, there’s no doubt that this sex toy is worth every penny!

One of the other most significant differences between the Satisfyer Pro 2 and its predecessor is its ergonomic design, making it more comfortable to use and easier to maneuver. It comes with a storage pouch, which will insure that the toy is kept in pristine condition for years.

Other Reviewers

One Amazon reviewer was quick to point out that this new version has increased intensity levels, making it ideal for those who are seeking longer-lasting, more intense pleasure. The noise level has also been reduced substantially compared to the original Satisfyer model.

Comparatively speaking, the lower price point of Satisfyer Pro 2 (versus Womanizer's versions) makes it a great option for those on a tighter budget who don’t want to sacrifice quality in their sex toy purchase.

Other reviewers noted that this latest version gives them “limitless pleasure” but suggest pairing it with either water-based or silicone-based lubricants for an even better experience.

It’s important to note that first impressions gleaned from other reviews suggest its biggest difference from other toys may not be what initially meets the eye — users felt amazing sensations as early as their first time using the toy!

Reviewers also noted that one of its greatest strengths on top of its efficiency was how fast they lose track of time while using it — several reported having multiple orgasms in short moments after starting off with just one button press!

In conclusion, most reviewers rated Satisfyer Pro 2 highly due to its high-quality construction and materials, ease of use design, and ranging intensities which allowed them to customize their pleasure as desired.

Final Thoughts on Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a toy that provides highly pleasurable clitoral stimulation. It has multiple intensity levels that produce an intense suction or oral sex effect.

Compared to the first model and other clitoral toys on the market, this new model has several upgrades that give it an edge. The biggest differences between the original Satisfyer Pro and its next generation version are its shape and noise levels.

Its curved design allows it to fit your body perfectly while still providing pressure against the entire clitoris while keeping sound levels at a minimum. Its intensity levels can also be adjusted accordingly so you can tailor your experience based on personal preference.

Clean-up is a breeze because the device is 100% waterproof, up to 3 meters. This means you can wash your new toy in the hand basin or shower with some warm soapy water without worrying about damaging it.

Overall, if you’re looking for a toy that will bring you orgasms for days then the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation could well be worth your time and money. Its combination of a powerful motor and sensible design means it will provide pleasure for many years to come.

When it comes to clitoral suction toys, this is definitely one of those must-have purchases!

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