Sex Swings, The Beginners Guide

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Traditionally only reserved for the most hardcore pleasure seekers, we are finding sex swings are becoming more and more mainstream every year. No longer do these products need to be hidden away in some secret cupboard of our house.

With new designs and technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to have a sex swing set up that can be easily set up for a sexy session, then easily taken apart and hidden when you have guests over.

But where do you even start if you’re interested in a sex swing? How do you use them? Are they safe?

We aim to answer all this and more in our beginner’s guide…

What is a Sex Swing?

If you are a newbie to the wonderful world of sex swings we’ll start with the basics.

Sex swings are devices that appear like small hammocks or traditional outside swings. Taking a closer look at these purposely designed swings, you will find things like feet straps, which can help support your body while you’re enjoying the experience.

Parts of a Sex Swing

Each sex swing consists of a few simple parts. First, and perhaps most obviously, you’ll need somewhere to sit.

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The Seat

There are several different styles of seat your swing can have. Most will either have a hammock style seat, which is usually made of fabric, or platforms, which are more rigid. Platforms normally have a wooden or metal base and will have some kind of pad or pillow on top to make it comfortable.

swing seat

Most swings will just have a series of straps, which support your body weight, and legs, instead of a proper seat.


Your swing will have a set of supports that hold the swing together and support you and your partner. These supports attach to a roof or door fixture and support the swing off the ground. These support straps are most commonly made of metal chains and padded nylon straps.

Swing Parts

Roof or Door Fixture

Finally, the swing will include a method of fixing it to either your roof, door, another person, or even a sex swing stand.

A roof fixture will normally have an eye bolt or a central hook that screws permanently into a solid beam in your ceiling.

An image of the roof fixture can look complicated, but they are very simple to put together.

A set of Caribbean quick release clips allow you to quickly connect the swing spring and chain to the eye bolt in the roof and have your swing ready for action in a jiffy!

The clips hook to a support bar at the bottom of the chain and the swing itself attaches to the bottom of the support bar.

Pro Tip: Some people like to hang a pot plant from the roof eye blot when they are not using their swing as a nice way to disguise the purpose of the eye bolt in the ceiling.

Roof Bracket

If you’re looking for something a bit more wild, then there are many additional features that a sex swing may have, such as stirrups for your feet, or straps to hold your hands in place.

When you choose your swing, you may also need to purchase a separate swing stand. This is only if you don’t want to attach it to your roof or door.


Why Do People Use Sex Swings?

why thinking

With the basics out of the way, the question on your mind is "why do people use sex swings!?".

A sex swing isn’t your standard run of the mill sex toy. They are not something you keep in your top drawer and whip out for a little fun. They take more effort and preparation and are required to be mounted.

The first, and perhaps most obvious reason to use a sex swing is that they are great fun! Being able to suspend from the roof and change from position to position is simply amazing.

These swings also generate rhythm and momentum like a swinging pendulum which adds to add a little oomph to every thrust of penetration.

There are many other reasons people like using sex swings, common examples include:

  • Being able to get into the best positions that are difficult or impossible in a bed.
  • Enjoying the feeling of weightlessness and extra support during sex.
  • Disabilities, physical impairments, or mobility problems, sex swings can make sex a lot easier.
  • Enjoy the extra force you can have sex with thanks to the momentum of the swing.
  • Making sex easier if you and your partner are significantly different heights.
  • And the list goes on and on!


Benefits Of Sex Swings

Using a sex swing isn’t just entertaining, it can provide many benefits to your sex life.

For most people, one of the most important benefits of a sex swing will simply be the versatility and liberty it gives you during sex.

We’ve all been in the situation where you try and spice up your sex life by trying new and exciting positions, only to find it too difficult to do. Before long, you’ve given up on the new sex position entirely.

This can have a flow-on effect on your sex life, and as a result, you become less interested in trying new things and stick to what’s safe. Over time we can become set in our way and repeat boring and predictable patterns, and have sex less and eventually, your sex life is non-existent!

Sex swings can solve some of these problems, by making it much easier to try out different positions. They are adjustable in height which is great for couples that have one partner tall and another short. They are also great when one partner performs oral sex.

Many people purchase one after years of deliberation and once they try them out they look back and think how much better their sex lives could have been if they committed to one earlier.

Life is about the thrill of trying new things out and in doing so you train yourself to be even more adventurous in all things in life. Before long, you’ll be having the best sex of your life!happy couple

Not only are you able to try out more bold positions, but you’ll find that you can stay in these positions much longer! You’ll be less hindered by gravity, so a lot less stress is placed on your body.

Alongside the sexual benefits, swings can also offer some wellness benefits too! If you suffer from any long term injuries that affect your mobility, sex can often be difficult or painful.

Using a sex swing can make sex much more pleasant and comfortable in these situations, and greatly reduce the strain on key areas such as your back. This makes sex more fun than ever, even when you’re not feeling one hundred per cent.

For people with disabilities, particularly those which affect their movement, sex swings can be even more vital. These people can regain much of their freedom to enjoy sex by using a swing, letting them experience positions that would have been impossible before.

Sex Swing Tips

There are a few things you can do to make your sex swing encounters as amazing as possible.Yoga Sex Swing

  • Consider where you want to put your sex swing before you buy it.
  • Measure the area to make sure the swing will fit. Remember to include extra space so you can move around while you use the swing.
  • If fitting the swing to your roof ceiling or wall, make certain that the area will be able to support the weight without damage to you or the ceiling.
  • Follow all instructions that come with your sex swing.
  • Before use, check all fittings and straps for damage, and make sure they aren’t twisted or tangled.
  • Press down on the seat to make sure the swing can carry your weight before jumping into it.
  • Never go over the weight limit of the sex swing.
  • If you live in a rental and aren’t allowed to modify the structure of the building, consider getting a sex swing with a stand or a door sex swing.
  • Consider how you’re going to use the swing. Depending on your preferences, you may want a swing with more comfort, extra straps to tie you down, and a 360-degree spinning sex swing.


How Big Are Sex Swings?

One of the most common questions people who are new to sex swings will have is, how much space will they take up? This is a big factor when it comes to considering which swing you buy.

Swing Sizes

With so many models on the market today, the size of your swing can be up to you. Depending on which style you like, how much movement you require, and what materials the swing is made of.

Even if you live in a small apartment, there will still be a swing that will fit your needs. Taking them down between sessions also saves a lot of space.

Small swings like door sex swings will only need enough space for you and your partner to stand together. Body sex swings and door swings simply hang over the door or one person’s body and help to support the other person for positions like standing partner sex. These types of swings involve minimal setup.

door sex swing

On the other end of the scale, the biggest swings can take up a lot of space. If you want a swing that hangs from your ceiling, and can swing in 360-degree directions, you’ll need a space of at least 6ft by 6ft.

Sex Swing Safety

It’s important to take the proper care to stay safe at all times when using a sex swing.

Remember, the swing will be taking your (and possibly your partners) entire weight. Which means an accident can be potentially very costly. You might even cause serious injury!

One of the most important safety tips for any sex swing is never to exceed the max weight that your swing is supposed to hold. Doing so can put too much strain on both the straps and fixtures, which is going to cause a break in some part of your swing.

Before climbing into your swing, you should also make sure that all the fixtures and straps are in place, secure and not tangled. Even if you leave your swing up between uses, parts of the swing can still become tangled.

Upon inspection, if everything looks like it is in good condition, start by pressing down on the seat with your hands before you climb in. You shouldn’t use all your body weight at this stage, but enough to be confident that the swing feels secure.

Always pay close attention to any instructions that come with your sex swing. Some swings need to be installed in certain spots or hung at specific heights. Failing to follow the manufactures instructions could make your swing unsafe to use.

Some sex swings come with springs. These springs help to absorb the shock that naturally comes with getting on, or stopping, the swing. Without them, you may suffer pain or injury.


Give Them A Go!

Even though there’s a lot to think about with sex swings, and some of the product images show extreme positions, they really are a simple and exciting sex toy. Once you get the hang of them (pardon the pun!), swings can give you some of the most enjoyable sexual experiences ever!

Couple in swing

If you’re interested, but not sure which kind of sex swing is best for you, drop us an email and our friendly staff are ready to answer all of your questions. You can check out the Best Sex Swin Positions here.

Check out our range and types of sex swing here.

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