Best Sex Swing Positions

Best Sex Swing Positions


If you are new to the sex swing world, make sure you check our Beginners Guide To Sex Swings.

When you commit to purchasing a sex swing and are ready to explore this new type of sex toy, it's common to start wondering about all the new sex swing positions that will be available to you.

Thanks to sex swings, many positions are made much easier. This helps you and your partner enjoy sexual intercourse more and also helps you have longer, and more comfortable sex. This is because you don’t get tired as quickly.

If you need some inspiration for some new swing positions, then check out the list we have put together for you:

Floating Missionary

Position yourself in your swing so that you are sitting up or lying down on your back. Place your feet into the feet stirrups and hand onto the swing using the hand support strap. Your partner can penetrate you standing up.

Floating Missionary Position

As your partner thrusts in and out, the swing will naturally start rocking back and forth. This motion will let them thrust harder, giving you deeper stimulation than ever before!

This sex swing position also angles the penis to provide amazing G-Spot stimulation.

G-Spot Stimulation

The Lie Back

Lie down on the swing on your back, placing one strap behind your mid-back and the other behind your hips and buttocks. Then they place your legs in the air resting on your partner's shoulders or against the swing support straps.

This sex position allows for deep penetration and allows your partner to have access to your clitoris.

Deep Penetraion

Doggy Style

Lie facing down on the seat or main support straps of the swing. Place one strap in front of your breasts and the other supporting the top of your hips. Your partner will need to help you place your feet into the foot straps. Your penetrating partner can hold onto your legs or hips for grip and a little more force.

standing partner

Your partner can penetrate you from behind, which feels just like regular doggy but rather than holding up your own body weight, you can simply hover there and enjoy it!

The Butterfly Position

The butterfly position is similar to the doggy position, except the person in the swing places their hands into the foot straps to hold themselves up. They then wrap their legs around their partner's legs for extra support. This is one of the most inquired-about sex positions in the last couple of years. Some positions for sex swings like this are reserved for the more athletic and flexible among us.

Butteryfly Sex Swing Position

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Sixty Nine

Lie back in your swing and place the two support straps comfortably in places that support your back. Most people prefer one under your armpits and one around your buttocks.

Let your partner straddle your face. Once you’re ready, they can bend down, and you can give each other oral simultaneously.

Any small movements you make will start to move the swing, so it can be an enjoyable challenge to keep pleasuring your partner as they rock back and forth.

Sixty Nine Position

The Doorman

If you love the weightlessness of a sex swing but miss having something to thrust against, or you just like the feeling of being backed against a wall or door, then a door sex swing is a great way to go.

over the door model


Once you’re in the swing and your partner penetrates you, they’ll be able to pin you against the door and have their way with you. If you like to get a little extra kinky, they can bind your hands and leave you completely at their mercy. A door sex swing is a cheap entry-level sex swing that is easy on the wallet.

Weightless Oral

Oral sex is a favourite for door sex swing positions, but being able to completely relax and float in the air while it happens really takes things to a new high!

Weightless Oral

For an added bonus, your partner can hold onto your legs and swing and maneuver you about. This lets them really hit all the right spots.

Swinging Cowgirl

The spinning cowgirl allows you to get into the swing and support yourself using just the leg straps and hand straps. Slip the leg straps up to your mid thigh's and hold onto the hand straps.

Your partner needs to lay on their back facing upwards. Then you have use your legs to go up and down or spin in a 360-degree motion, providing mind-blowing sensations to both of you!

Lap Dance

The lap dance position requires you both to be suspended in the sex swing. Be sure to check that your sex swing stand supports and structure can support both of your combined body weights. This position will ensure a lot of strain on the swing.

The set-up required your partner to get into the swing, seated with both straps around their buttocks. You then climb onto them and straddle them, with you both hanging onto the hand straps.

Once in position, you can use hands and foot straps to support yourself while you float around. For an extra sexy dance, your partner can penetrate you and let you float around with the flow of the sex swing.

360 Degree Spinning Sex

A spinning sex swing will open up a world of new sex positions and opportunities to have great sex. You can position yourself into all sorts of fun and exciting positions and they are a great way to keep your sex life active and healthy. A 360-spinning swing or hanging sex swing allows you to get into all the best sex swing positions imaginable.

Perfect Position


Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

These are just some of the many things you can try with sex swings to improve your sex life and relationship with your partner. Your imagination (and physical capability) is the limit, so if you think something might be fun then don’t be afraid to try it!

Just remember to know your physical limits and don't attempt anything that could potentially put your body in danger.

anal sex

Whichever sex swing positions you choose, the sex will be great as the swing gives you the extra freedom to really sit back and enjoy it!

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