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In preparation for Valentine’s day, we have put together this year's best sellers in our special page. You can find sex toys to enjoy as a couple to add a little spice in the bedroom. Or sex toys for some solo fun. Whatever the case, love will definitely be in the air with The Hot Spots Valentine's Day Favourites.


One very popular Valentine’s Day gift is some sexy lingerie. Lingerie is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. Buy it for yourself to surprise him, or buy it as a gift for your special someone. When she wears it, she feels sexy – even if no-one else can see her sexy lacy lingerie, it’s in the back of her mind, and yours, that she is sexy! It gets her in the mood, and it gets you in the mood, too. In fact, what makes lingerie so sexy is often what it is covering and suggesting, not what is revealing.

There are so many styles and colours to choose from to suit all body shapes and sizes. Some lingerie, such as bodysuits or camisoles can be worn as a top, under a sheer top, or as underwear, to be revealed after dessert. So, what’s the difference between a cami and a teddy? Here’s a quick go-to guide for the most popular Valentine’s Day lingerie gifts for you.


Think singlet. It’s worn on the torso, and has straps. Usually loose fitting, with decorative lace which may show I the cleavage. Also known as a cami for short.


A teddy is like a one-piece swimming costume, except it is sheer, made from lace, or satin. They can be worn under other clothes, replacing bra and knickers. 


A bra and panty set will have matching details, such as lace and embroidery. There are many styles and shapes when it comes to both bras and panties, so your options here will be endless. They can also be worn separately.

Suspenders and Stockings

When most people say stockings, they are actually referring to pantihose. For Valentine’s Day, you probably really do mean stockings. What’s the difference? Pantihose are the ones that go from the toes all the way to the waist with built in crotch area. Stockings are the ones that finish in the thigh, usually with a strip of lace. Suspenders are an elastic waist band with adjustable straps that come down the front and back of each leg to attach to the stockings to help keep them up. Very sexy!


Lingerie doesn’t have to be tight and body hugging. Many pieces, including plus size lingerie sets are loose and flowing. Some are sheer and see through, while other designs are satin and more suggestive. Lace, pearls, fishnet, PVC, spandex – the options are endless.

Perhaps you want to be more adventurous and suggestive with your partner for Valentine’s Day. She could be hiding an open cup camisole, some crotchless panties, or how about some vibrating panties? Play with the remote control in your pocket and see how entrée pans out. Maybe preload the Smart Phone app while she’s in the shower and play with the settings over cocktails.


Another popular Valentine’s Day gift is massage oils. These days there is a wide range of massage oils available, with different flavours and scents, for sensitive skin, for easy, non-greasy clean up, and some that can double as lube.

There are also some great vibrators which double up as massagers as well. Start with some candles and rose petals. Add some scented massage oil and a hand massage to relax. Then move onto a vibrating massage, gentle to start with. And work slowly into the amorous zones and towards some hot steamy Valentines memories.


And Valentine’s Day is not just a couple's thing. There are many sex toy ideas for anyone, whether you're with your partner, having a random hook-up, or simply enjoying some awesome solo time. There's no reason being unattached should mean missing out on the Valentine’s Day fun. Check out The Hot Spots Mega Packs for solo options. It’s a great way to save money on sex toys and treat yourself to a range of adult sex toys for Valentine’s Day.

The Mega Packs for ladies include the traditional vibrators and vibrating eggs, as well as kegel balls. Kegel balls, or Ben Wa balls as they are also known, are useful for doing kegel exercises which allows you to strengthen the pelvic and vaginal muscles. You will be strong and fit ready for you next encounter! Depending on the price range of the pack you purchase, you will also find dildos, clitoris pumps, clit vibrators and thrusting machines!

But its not only the ladies that are looking for fun on Valentines night. We also have packs for the solo men. Choose from packs that include pocket pussies, penis pumps, cock rings, prostate massagers and anal plugs. Solo guys might also have more fun with a real-life doll. Forget the cheap blow ups from the buck’s party. We are talking about silicone beauties. Depending on your budget, you might get a juicy plum arse with two perfect holes, or a torso with beautiful breast and pinchable nipples, all the way up to a full body, with flowing hair, realistic face and poseable arms and legs. The perfect date for Valentine’s Day!

The Mega Packs also cater for gay and lesbian couples, because valentines Day is important for all types of couples. Strap ons, dildos, bondage gear, enema and anal rinse equipment, double ended dildos and fucking machines are all part of the offerings at The Hot Spot.


Dildos a re a traditional and foundational part of any sex toy collection, and you can never go wrong with getting your partner a new dildo to play with. Here at The Hot Spot, we stock a range of dildos, from realistic cocks with vein details, to extreme animal dildos, huge dildos, and huge anal butt plugs. If vibrating is your thing, we have many sizes in dildos that vibrate, thrust and rotate. They come in all colours and sizes. Most dildos also fit into a strap on harness. We have double strap ons, so that both lesbian partners can receive at the same time. We have double penetrating strap ons and dildos for those that enjoy anal and vaginal penetration simultaneously. At The Hot Spot, we also have strapless strap ons. Our Animal dildo range includes horse dildos, dogs, elephants and crocodiles. For those with a fantasy fetish we have dragon dildos, massive ribbed dildos, and dildos designed with bumps to tingle you in all the right places.


Valentines Day might be your opportunity to introduce some bondage play into your love life. If you are just new to bondage, start with something gentle and not too intimidating, like a blind fold and a feather tickler. A padded restraint, which aids sex position, couples with a safe word might also be acceptable in your relationship. Soft velvet blow up cushions which aid penetration positioning are also an inoffensive way to ease bondage into the bedroom.

If you and your partner are more comfortable with bondage and BDSM, then collars, cuffs and spreader bars might be your ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Metal chain whips, mouth gags, and bondage tape that doesn’t stick to your hair all makes for a wonderful evening!


No matter what turns you and your partner on for a great Valentines Day date, make sure you play it safe. With a full range of condoms, in all sizes, flavours, and colours, and lubes to suit all occasions, The Hot Spot caters for vegans, organic, and sensitive skins. We have anal numbing lotions, sweet massage oils and light lubes. We can help with early ejaculation, prostate massagers, vaginal plumping and penis enlarging.

If you need something to help make your Valentine’s Day something special, then you will find it here at The Hot Spot, your Australian online adult sex toy specialist for Valentine’s Day.


Valentines day was all started by Saint Valentine. While no-one is sure who this Valentine character actually was, there are many stories from ancient Rome and Christians about Valentine and his charming, love-filled heroics. The one thing they all have one is, romance. It is suggested that February 14 commemorated the death or burial of Valentine on AD 270. Others suggest the date was picked to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia, a fertility ritual held around the same time.

The oldest known Valentine greeting still exists today in the British Library. It is a poem written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife Catherine of Valois. Today Valentines Day is celebrated by many countries around the world. Millions of cards and messages are exchanged, along with gifts, second only to Christmas. It is estimated around 85% of these are purchased by women.

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Aixi Remote Control Vibrating Panties | Wireless Knickers

Aixi Remote Control Vibrating Panties | Wireless KnickersRemote Control Panty Vibes, or tickle pants..

Normally $47.99
This week $40.79
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Cock Ring

Cock Ring Sex ToyThe Hopping Mad - Vibrating Cock Ring Cock rings are designed to increase blood ..

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This week $8.49
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Couples Platinum Pack 1 Sex Toy Mega Pack Free post

Couples Platinum Pack 1 Sex Toy Mega Pack

THE HOT SPOT - COUPLES PLATINUM SEX TOY MEGA PACK 1Over $580 worth of value!Choosing toys to spice u..

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This week $257.12
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esca 2 App Controlled Wearable Vibrator by OhMiBod Free post

esca 2 App Controlled Wearable Vibrator by OhMiBod

esca 2 App Controlled Wearable Vibrator by OhMiBodIntriguing. Interactive. Intensely Intimate. Esca ..

Normally $199.99
This week $169.99
Save 15% Ex Tax: $169.99

Magic Motion | Flamingo | Bluetooth App Control Wearable Vibrator Free post

Magic Motion | Flamingo | Bluetooth App Control Wearable Vibrator

Magic Motion | Flamingo | Bluetooth App Control Wearable VibratorBuild up to better orgasms and stro..

$82.99 Ex Tax: $82.99

OhMiBod Original 3.OH Music Vibrator Free post

OhMiBod Original 3.OH Music Vibrator

OhMiBod Original 3.OH Music VibratorEnjoy the unique pulsing of your favourite song not only in your..

Normally $121.99
This week $103.69
Save 15% Ex Tax: $103.69

PipeDream Dillio 6" Strap-On Suspender Harness Set Free post

PipeDream Dillio 6" Strap-On Suspender Harness Set

PipeDream Dillio 6" Strap-On Suspender Harness Set Ladies, when you’re looking for a stylish stra..

$99.99 Ex Tax: $99.99

PipeDream Fetish Fantasy Honeymoon Bondage Kit

PipeDream Fetish Fantasy Honeymoon Bondage KitWould you and your new wife or husband like to explore..

$48.99 Ex Tax: $48.99

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2 Couples Vibe

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2 Couples Vibe The Multifun 2 is both a single and couples vibrator. Thi..

Normally $59.99
This week $50.99
Save 15% Ex Tax: $50.99

Sexy Camisole Lace Lingerie Small to Plus Size Mesh Erotic (XLIR-PS-01)

Sexy Camisole Lace Lingerie Small to Plus Size (XLIR-PS-01)This sexy lace  one piece lingerie i..

$23.99 Ex Tax: $23.99

Sexy Red & Black Nightwear Lingerie Chemise (XLIR-15-RB)

Sexy Red & Black Nightwear Lingerie Chemise (XLIR-15-RB)This sexy chemise lingerie is hot! With ..

$16.99 Ex Tax: $16.99

Silky Vibe Couples Vibrator

Silky Vibe Couples VibratorSilky Vibe is an advanced vibrator with elegant shape and ergonomic desig..

Normally $42.99
This week $36.54
Save 15% Ex Tax: $36.54

Tease and Please We-Vibe Sync + Womaniser Premium Free post

Tease and Please We-Vibe Sync + Womaniser Premium

Tease and Please We-Vibe Sync + Womaniser PremiumWe-Vibe and Womanizer join forces to bring you an e..

$369.99 Ex Tax: $369.99