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Best Vibrating Panties | The Ultimate Guide

Vibrating panties are, by far one of the most popular sex toys of modern times.  As the taboo of 'sex' as a topic is becoming more acceptable, so are sex toys.

What makes vibrating panties extraordinary is the thrill of public play. If you enjoy the danger and excitement of getting your rocks off in public, then vibrating panties are for you!

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What Are They?

Vibrating knickers are a modern wearable vibrator, designed to be worn by women. You can find them in a reputable adult store. They can be remotely controlled by the person wearing them or by a partner.

What Do They Do?

They are designed to excite and sexually stimulate a woman's clitoris and vagina. This is done by a small but powerful vibrating motor built into the wearable device.

Who Are They For?

They are designed to be worn by women and controlled by the wearer or a partner.

Solo Play: Imagine sitting in your office, doing some grocery shopping, or waiting for the bus.

Nobody knows you are wearing a discreet wearable vibrator. You reach for your smartphone to turn up the heat a little, and nobody has a clue!

Couples Play: Imagine you are at the movies, or even better, out to dinner with some friends.

You are wearing your new vibrating panties, but they're not on yet. 

As you chat with the friend across the table, your partner reaches for their smartphone and turns on your vibe knickers! Oh goodness! Now the game begins.

You have to hold back your excitement from the powerful vibrations. Remember to try to stay focused on the conversation!


study done by Indiana University found that vibrator use is associated with more positive sexual function and being more proactive in caring for one's sexual health.

The study stated that vibrator use during sexual interactions is common, with use being reported by approximately 53% of women and 45% of men ages 18 to 60.

Check out this video of a couple having some vibrating pantie fun in New York:


How Do Vibrating Panties Work?

Depending on the style of vibrating panties, they work by vibrating against a woman's clitoris via a button or remote control you or your partner has control of.

This brings public play to a new and exciting level.

There are three ways that vibrating panties work:


1. A standard bullet vibrator is put in a special compartment inside your underwear:

You turn it on. This option is very basic.

Vibrating Bullet Example

This style uses a removable bullet vibrator.  Which makes cleaning easy.

The main problem with this style is every time you want to change the vibration settings, you have to do it via touching the vibrator.

I'm sure you can imagine this might be a real problem in public. It also eliminates any couples play.


2. Vibrator attaches to remote control via a cord:

Example with cord

This option can be fun when used around the house but not very discreet for public play.

Can you imagine going out to dinner with a cord coming from your underwear to a remote your partner is holding? 

I'm sure you can imagine the look on the poor waiter's face!  The plus side is these models are generally cheaper options.


3. Wireless Vibrating Panties:

There are two wireless options:

•   Models that are BlueTooth WIFI controlled. Usually with a maximum distance of around 20 - 50 meters.

Remote Control Example

•    App-controlled vibrator - Max distance - anywhere on around the world.

Controlled via the internet. Great for long-distance relationships.

They are also the most discreet because people don't assume you are controlling a vibrator via your phone!

Smartphone Control App Example

Most modern models have multiple functions, patterns, and speeds.

This allows you or your partner to find what works best for you. The hard part is to try not to scream out in pleasure!

These models are operated via a smartphone app and can be controlled from the other side of the world.

Smartphone App Example

There are models to fit everybody's budgets and technology preference levels.


Is it Illegal to Wear Them In Public?

In most countries around the world, it is illegal to been nude and have sexual intercourse in public.

However, vibe underwear is not having sex. There is no penetration by a partner, and there is no visible sexual activity seen.

So, rest assured you are not breaking the law. The worst that could happen is you get embarrassed.

Always remember if things get too heated, you can simply turn them off!

As you can see from the woman in the video earlier, she was not arrested for wearing vibrating panties.

She was standing next to a hundred policemen and posing for a photo without any concern.

Types of Vibrating Panties:

There are two main things to consider when looking at the types of vibrating panties.

1. The way the vibrations are controlled.

2. The style of the wearable piece.


1. The way the vibrations are controlled:

We touched on this earlier. Basically, there are three options for controlling your vibe pants. Here we take a more in-depth look into these options:

1.1 Phone app controlled:

Phone App Controlled Vibrating Panties

These are the top of the range. They are also the most popular vibrating panties on the market today.

They can be controlled via smartphone apps, which makes them discreet.

People will think you are merely checking your messages when actually you are adjusting your sexual pleasure.

Check out this video of a couple at a cafe using the Magic Motion Flamingo smartphone-controlled model:



Some smartphone app-controlled versions are excellent for long-distance relationships.

This is because they work over the internet.

Meaning you can be in control of giving your partner an orgasm from the other side of the world!

Imagine popping on your vibe underwear when you get ready for your day.

Your partner is on the other side of the city at work, and they are in control of your underwear.

You wait in anticipation all day, not knowing when your partner will liven up your day.

All of a sudden, in the middle of a work meeting your knickers start vibrating!


News reader having an orgasm


Some of the smartphone apps are controlled via Bluetooth, so you will need to be within range, while others use the internet, which can make them great for Skype Sex.

A good quality smartphone app-controlled panties will be more expensive than a regular vibrator, but the fun, excitement, and pleasure it will bring to you and your partner sex life will be well worth the cost.


Best smartphone app-controlled products:

Esca 2 by OMibod:

OhMibod Esca 2 small

A modern wearable vibrator that allows couples to have long distance fun.

This vibe is comfortable to wear for extended periods and can be paired to a smartphone with BlueTooth for vibration fun in the same room.

Alternatively, you can download the app to operate the Esca from anywhere in the world.


Magic Motion Flamingo:

Magic Motion Flamingo small

A state-of-the-art design has the "head" of the flamingo worn outside of the vagina, resting on the clitoris for exciting vibrations, while the body of the vibrator is worn inside the vagina for deep, g-spot stimulation.


Magic Motion Eidion:

Magic Motion Eidolon Small

The Eidion is a dual motor wearable vibe that has an insertable dildo piece designed to send powerful vibrations to the G-Spot.

It also has a comfortable flat clitoral pad that fits snugly and sends earth-shattering waves to the clit.

The dual motors can be controlled independently, which is amazing.


1.2 Wireless Remote Control:

If you are looking for some vibrating panty fun and will be in the same room, then you will like the wireless remote controlled versions.

Pipedream Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties

These are generally cheaper than smartphone app-controlled devices, but no less fun!

They come with a remote controlling unit that can be used by the wearer or by your partner.

The reason they are cheaper is that the manufacturer doesn't have to fund the software for an App.

You will have to be in the same space, usually 5-10 meters of each other. This could be the same room, car, movie, or at the same table.


Best wireless remote control products:

The Aixi:

Aixi Remote Control small

This model sits snuggly into any panties and vibrates the lips of the vagina, as well as the clitoris area.

This device does not insert into the vagina and is a very comfortable and soft piece.

It is controlled via a white remote control that allows the controller to cycle through the levels of vibration.


Fox M3 Kegel Balls:

Fox M3 Kegel Balls small

A fantastic product that is both vibrating panty and kegel balls combined.

Comes with a slick-looking remote control that allows you to cycle through modes, patterns, and speeds.

A great way to enjoy yourself and exercise your pelvic floor muscles at the same time.


1.3 Wired Remote Control:

Wired remote control wearable vibrators are very similar in design to the wireless remote controlled versions.

The apparent difference in these is the wire connecting the device to the remote control.

Wired Remote Control Bullet Vibe

This makes them less discreet in public, and more suitable to wear at home.

The lack of needing wireless technology usually means the price tag is a lot cheaper.

These styles originated in the early days when vibrating panties were first invented.

With technological advances, the wired version is not as popular as the wireless versions, but they are easier on the wallet.


Best wired remote control products:

The Baile Golden Ben Wah Balls:

Gold Ball Kegels small

Our pick of wired remote control wearable vibrators.

They are worn internally and are small to medium-sized kegel balls.

Great for pelvic floor exercises and come from a reputable brand.


1.4 No Remote Control:

These are your "set and forget" vibrating panties.

Also very popular, they have no external remote control. Instead, they rely on the user pressing a button on the wearable device to turn them on, off, or adjust the speeds.

They are discreet when being worn, but are not ideal for public changing of the settings.

The plus side is the prices, as technology is a significant factor.


The Love Heart Wearable:

Love Heart Wearable Vibrator small

These knicker vibrators are our choice for a device without a remote control.

They are soft, comfortable, and fit into any type of panty.

This model is worn externally on the lips of the vagina. It has a nodule that presses against the vagina and sits neatly in your panties.

It has soft ticklers on the surface to add stimulation from the vibrations.

Great for wearing around the house.


2. The style of the wearable piece:

2.1 Lingerie with Built-in Vibes:

Some lingerie comes with a vibrator built into the panties.

Sizing is probably the biggest drawback for these models.

Care needs to be taken when cleaning the underwear, to ensure any vibrator parts are removed to avoid damaging the device.

Lingerie with vibe bullet

Traditionally the lingerie style models have a bullet vibrator that is inserted into a pouch in the panties.

The hard texture of the bullet can be uncomfortable if not positioned correctly.

They are prone to moving around inside the underwear, but on the plus side, the bullet can also be used as a regular bullet vibrator, making it dual purpose.


Best Lingerie with Built-in Vibes:

PipeDream Fetish Fantasy Date Night Remote Control Vibrating Panties:

A sexy, string bikini G-string with a built-in hidden remote controlled micro-bullet.

The package comes with soft lace panties that are comfortable.

Vibrations are controlled via a discreet ring that is worn on one of your or your partner's fingers.

Pipedream Date Night Product


My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Panty:

Sports a waterproof 10-FUNction rechargeable bullet, which fits discreetly into a side-tie lace panty.

This unit is also operated by a remote control cleverly disguised as a finger-ring.

Fits up to 60-inch waists for a comfortable feel.

Screaming O Vibe Knickers small



2.2 Wearable vibrator - External Style:

Many vibes are worn on the outside of the vagina.

They are usually designed and shaped to fit the woman's vaginal area.

They will press against and stimulate the clitoris.

The external style of wearable vibrators is very comfortable and discreet.

The benefit of this style is you can choose whatever pair of knickers you like to wear.

This is also a great option if you prefer not to have any kind of penetration.  

Aixi Panties

2.3 Wearable vibrator - Internal Style:

These are for the ladies that take their pleasure seriously.

The interior style of wearable vibrators is designed and shaped to fit the woman's vaginal area and stimulate the clitoris, as the external ones are.

However, the internal styles have a dildo piece, which usually vibrates as well.

Some models have separate dual motors that allow the dildo piece and the clitoral piece to be controlled independently.

An example of this is the Magic Motion Eidolon.

Magic Motion Eidolon

Some models also include an anal dildo, which covers all bases!

These internal styles are inserted into the vagina for stimulation of the g-spot and vagina wall.

They are very comfortable and discreet and stimulate all areas at once for an earth-shattering experience.

You can even rock on your office chair for penetrative style pleasure with no one knowing.

Two great choices are the Magic Motion Eidolon, and the Remote Control Vibrating Butterfly Dildo Panties. 

We recommend the Magic Motion Eidolon as it is a dual-motor version and can vibrate in time to your favourite song!


When can you use vibe underwear?

1. Movies:

Couple at the cinema

If you want to make going to a movie a little more exciting than usual, wear your vibe lingerie.

This can be done by yourself or with a partner. Recommendations for movie choices would be something hot and steamy, like Fifty Shades of Grey.

Don't just go for the usual popcorn and drinks, spice things up with some fantasy technology.


2. Date Night:

If you want to take a dinner or lunch date to the next level, put on a sexy dress and pop on your wearable vibrator.

Then hand the remote control over to your partner and let them be in full control of where and when the excitement begins.

We have heard stories where couples have ended up sneaking out for a quickie mid-date, because of the excitement and thrill that these awesome devices create!


Date Night


3. Dinner with Friends:

Dinner with friends

If you like to live on the wild side of life, playing with vibrating panties in a social setting can be thrilling.

This experience is similar to date night except you have the added challenge of trying to keep a straight face while socializing with friends. Good luck!


4. Long Distance Relationships:

Hands down the best sex toy for long-distance relationships.

Because they allow an interactive sexual experience from the other side of the world.

Very popular during a Skype video call. Your partner can control your vibrating panties via their smartphone.


Long Distance Relationship


5. Shopping:

A great way to make boring jobs more fun! Pop down to your local supermarket wearing your tickle pants.

Bend over to pick up some milk and feel the intense vibrations hit the spot!

Woman Shopping


6. Work:

Vibe knickers are fun when you have a boring job, or just like to live on the wild side of life.

If you really want to spice things up, go for a dildo style vibe.

It will allow you to rock back and forth on your chair, adding lots of extra pleasure!

Office Worker


7. Cleaning:

You have a day off and decide to do some housework. 

Put on your vibrating panties along with your favorite music.

It makes mundane chores so much more exciting!

Cleaning the house


8. In the Car:

This suggestion is for passengers only!

Please do not drive a motor vehicle while wearing vibrating panties.

If you are a passenger, you can turn a long road trip into an unforgettable experience.

Remember not to distract the driver too much!


Couple in a car


Top 10 Best Vibrating Panties

Ok, so after hundreds of hours of research, and getting feedback from many different women and couples, we have the top 10. Note we keep this list updated regularly. When new models come on to the market, we asses them and adjust the lists accordingly. 

1. Esca 2 by OhMiBod 5 star-rating

Esca 2

Price: High [Check Price]

Best Internal Choice. It feels great and fits inside perfectly.

Has strong vibrations with a tail that sits comfortably against the clit.

The tail makes removal easy. Very discreet design.

Can be controlled over the internet. LED lights on the tail sync to the vibration patterns and speeds.

This gives your lover a visual representation of what you are feeling. Download the OhMiBod app for iOS from iTunes or for Andriod from Google Play here.


2. We-Vibe Jive4.5 star-rating

We-Vibe Jive

Price: High [Check Price]

Similar to Esca 2. Also, a great app-controlled smartphone choice.

The Jive has 10 modes of vibration and lasts 2 hours from a full charge.

We gave the Esca an extra 0.5-star rating because it was slightly more comfortable and its LED lights. 

Download the OhMiBod app for iOS from iTunes or for Andriod from Google Play here.


3. Magic Motion Flamingo 5 star-rating

Magic Motion Flamingo

Price: Medium [Check Price]

Another great internal choice. Very similar to the Esca 2, but half the price.

Both have great Apps with lots of features. Can be controlled over the internet.

Are USB rechargeable with long battery life. We gave the Flamingo 5 stars because it has all the same features as the Esca but is about 60% cheaper.

Download the Magic Motion app for iOS from iTunes or for Andriod from Google Play here.


4. Magic Motion Eidolon 5 star-rating

Magic Motion Eidolon

Price: Medium [Check Price]

Best dildo style choice. This is the best choice if you want a top-end model with a dildo style internal design.

Comfortable, powerful, and discreet. Can be controlled over the internet. USB rechargeable with long battery life.

A great choice if you will be sitting down, as you can rock on your chair for added effect. The name Eidolon comes from ancient Greek literature and is a spirit-image of a person.

I'm not sure about a spirit image, but I am sure that this beauty will lift your spirits! 

Download the Magic Motion app for iOS from iTunes or for Andriod from Google Play here.


5. Aixi 4 star rating

Aixi Remote Control

Price: Medium / Cheap [Check Price]

Best clitoris style choice. Very soft and comfortable.

Really well priced and high quality. Fits most underwear.

A great option for the ladies that are not after any kind of penetration.

Sits flat against the vagina and has a nodule that presses against the clit.

USB magnetic rechargeable battery and long battery life. 


6. Magic Motion Kegel-Master Smart Kegel Ball 5 star-rating

Magic Motion Smart Kegel Balls

Price: Medium [Check Price]

Best choice for a kegel ball design. Assists with strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

Over 76% of women experience incontinence issues at some point in their life.

The pelvic floor is a woman first-line defence against problems with incontinence and prolapse.

It has a unique squeeze mode that assists in strengthening pelvic floor muscles and enhances the intimacy of couples. 

Download the Magic Motion app for iOS from iTunes or for Andriod from Google Play here.


It has 6 Comprehensive Training courses:

- Voice Guide

- Track, Measure, Record Pelvic Floor Muscles strength

- Tailored Training Courses

- Exercising the right Pelvic Floor Muscles

- Guided Daily Exercises

- Track Daily Exercise Activity


Smartphone App Screenshots


7. Fox M3 4 star rating

Smartphone App Screenshots


Price: Medium / Cheap [Check Price]

Another excellent choice if you are after a kegel ball design.

This model is not a smartphone-controlled version, which makes the price a lot cheaper.

We liked that this model has both a single ball and a double ball to choose from.

Note, only the single ball is remote controlled and vibrating.

The double ball is a normal kegel (non-vibrating).

The remote is nice and small, which makes keeping things discreet easy.


8. Magic Motion - Candy: 5 star-rating

Smartphone App Screenshots

Price: Medium / Cheap [Check Price]

Best choice for a smartphone-controlled clitoral model.

This is another brilliant invention from Magic Motion.

The thing we liked most about Candy is the size and shape of the vibrating panty piece. It is tiny, very discreet, and comfortable.

Controllable over the internet. Powerful and quiet. 

Download the Magic Motion app for iOS from iTunes or for Andriod from Google Play here.


9. The Magic Dolphin 4 star rating

Magic Dolphin

Price: Cheap: [Check Price]

A great internal model and very well priced. Remote controlled with 10 vibration speeds.

The wearable unit is USB rechargeable and lasts 2 hours from a full charge.

The remote takes 2 x AA batteries. Very quiet and only weighs 90 grams.

It gets its name from the dolphin-like tail design.


10. Vibrating Love Heart Wearable Panties4 star rating    

Love Heart Wearable Vibrator


Price: Very Cheap [Check Price]

If you are looking for a cheap entry-level model, then this would be our pick.

It doesn't have a remote control ability but is a very soft and comfortable design.

It is powered by a vibrating bullet.

We chose this design over other models with vibrating bullets because it has the bullet on the outside of the wearable pad.

This makes the experience so much more comfortable.

Other models have the bullet slip into the panties and once on, can be hard and uncomfortable. 


So that's our top 10. We have tried to cover the most extensive range possible and provide a good mix of both price and style.

What is the best model for me?

That comes down to your budget and the style of panties that suits your needs. 

You need to ask yourself, do I want clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, or both?

If you want to be able to control the vibe from your smartphone or happy with a simple little remote control. 


Another thing to consider is your tech level! If you are a person that struggles with new technology then I recommend keeping a wide birth from the smartphone app-controlled versions.

They require downloading of the app, pairing the devices and configuration.

Nothing kills the mood quicker than troubleshooting adult toys.

On the other hand, if you love statistics and new technology then go for a smartphone app-controlled version.


If you have any vibrating panties stories, please comment below.

We all love hearing the mischief we can get ourselves into when playing around with these sex toys.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always happy to help out.

The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice on any subject matter. You should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content included in this site without seeking professional medical advice.

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