Best Honeymoon Sex Toys For Couples

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As traditional wisdom goes (as well as personal experience, lol), honeymoon sex is amongst the best sex you will have in your life.

It's passionate, hot, and very frequent. The "love hormones" (Oxytocin and Dopamine) are coursing through both your veins and you are on top of the world.

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Some couples find these expectations put undue pressure on their sexual performance during their honeymoon. But it also makes many couples excited to try something new. Side note: You have the rest of your lives together to have really good sex, so try not to stress too much.

You might want to consider bringing a few new sex toys on your trip. You're intending to have a lot of sex anyway, so why not surprise your partner with some sexy accessories?

Depending on your relationship, that might mean handcuffs, butt plugs, a couple's vibrator, or massage candles.

We've rounded up a few of the best sex toys to inspire your honeymoon sex ventures.

1. Massage Lotions & Creams

We recommend always kicking this off nice and slow. Build up the intensity and mood with some massager lotions and creams.

There is an abundance of oils, creams, lotions and waxes available today. In fact, there are so many options to choose from, that it can be easy to get stuck choosing one.

Stick with your favourite smells and flavours and you can't go wrong.

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Massage creams, lotions and oils are suited to massages of various intensities. They usually provide a medium glide and can be nourishing to the skin. They are usually absorbed fairly slowly.

Creams and lotions are usually non-sticky, which makes them easier to clean up.

2. Light Bondage Kits

Perhaps you want to experiment with some blindfold or light bondage play. Less can truly be more in these situations. Blindfolding your partner is a great way to build trust in your relationship. The person blindfolded is vulnerable and putting their lives in their partner's hands.

honeymoon bondage kit

There are many light bondage kits available with varying degrees of BDSM. A light bondage kit usually consists of a blindfold, some soft and fluffy handcuffs and or leg buffs, a tickler and possibly some candles.

3. Couples Vibrators

A couples vibrator is a toy that is inserted into the woman vagina and worn during intercourse. This makes penetration and vibrational clitoral stimulation simultaneous.

A couples vibrator is usually "C shaped" with one end resting against the clitoris and the other end inserted into the vagina facing upward, to provide G-spot stimulation.

Each arm has its own vibrating motor, and some models are operated via cordless remote.

As penetration occurs, the clitoris, vagina, penis and scrotum are stimulation with amazing vibrations, which is why these things are called couples vibrators.

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There are many to choose from ranging from budget models, up to the well-known top of the range brands like LELO and We-Vibe. What separates the cheaper models from the more pricey models is the quality and size of the motors in the vibe. The bigger brands have more powerful, deep rumbling motors that provide more intense stimulation.

4. Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties type of sex toy designed to be used in public. They are by far one of the most popular couples sex toys of modern times.

The trill of public play is what makes vibrating panties so exciting for many couples. They are a wearable vibrator (or panty vibe) designed to be worn by women and can be remotely controlled by the person wearing them or by your partner.

vibrating panties

Imagine you are out at dinner with your newlywed panter. You are wearing your new vibrating panties, but they're not on yet. 

As you chat with your partner across the table, the waiter approaches to take your order, and your partner reaches for their smartphone and brings your knickers to life! Oh my goodness!

You have to hold back your emotions as the powerful vibrations kick in. Remember to try to stay focused on the menu!

5. Massagers and Wand Vibrators

Never tried a wand? If you're looking to pair clitoral stimulation with the insertion of another toy or a penis, a wand may also be the toy for you. Ahead, 29 of the best wand vibrators on the market right now, all conveniently shoppable from the privacy of your bedroom, where you'll more than likely be using them a fair amount of the time. There are wand vibrators that are candy apple red and fit in your suitcase, there are wand vibrators that work underwater, and even wand vibrators that say they're more powerful than the Hitachi. Yes, you read that right. It's a bold claim; who is up for testing to see if they can back it up?

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6. Lingerie

Lingerie is a striking fashion statement and designed to make you feel empowered. Lingerie has become a universal symbol of women’s sexuality and love stories and is a must for your honeymoon.

Only lace has a wonderful way of transforming a woman body so that your skin becomes part of an attractive play of transparency and opacity.

Lace allows you to enjoy the smoothness of your skin and emphasizes the seductive nature of the female form.

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5. Body Paint

Write sweet words of love on your partner that are wiped away with your kisses. Edible body paints have a pleasant texture and delicious flavour. Your partner can be your inspiration and spur words of love. 

Combine these tasty body paints during foreplay with a blindfold, so all the other senses are heightened. While you write sweet words of lust on your partner's body, you can use the feather for tickling and caressing.

Poeme Edible Body Paint Dark Chocolate

6. Cock Rings

A vibrating cock ring will rock your worlds on your honeymoon. They are designed with two purposes in mind.

  1. To restrict blood flow from leaving the penis, keeping him big and hard.
  2. Send mind-blowing vibrations to her clitoris during sex.

vibarting cock ring

This style of cock ring is very popular amongst married couples, and one of the most commonly purchased sex toys.

7. Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are a basic adult toy product and are generally affordable, popular and designed for clitoral stimulation. Bullet vibrators have a plastic or metal outer casing in the shape of a bullet and are small and powerful.

The reason you'd buy a bullet vibrator for a honeymoon adventure (over other types of vibrators) is that they're small and discreet, generally cheap. 

The narrow and short design makes them very portable without being easily detected. Of course, the x-ray scans at an airport may get you some grins. 

bullet vibrator

8. Edible Lubricants

If you're just looking for a little extra fun during foreplay, flavoured lubes are loads of fun. Watch your partner squirt some around your inner thighs and watch them clean it up with their tongue...then you can return the favour.

Oral sex is pretty freaking amazing, and it's generally more enjoyable for the recipient than the giver! If genitals aren't your favourite food on the menu, then it's flavoured lube to the rescue.

Flavoured lubricants come in all sorts of flavours including fruity, chocolaty, minty, and sweet. Some also produce warming or cooling sensations on the skin. They not only make the experience tasty and more pleasurable for your mouth, but they also bring a bit of extra spice to the party.

sizzle lips flavoured lube


9. Sex Games

Add some excitement to your trip with a sex game. These couples games allow you to explore uncharted territory and figure out what you like, what you don't, and how good you are at performing both your and your partner sexual desires.

These games are full of content that will make you laugh and sure to get your hormones fired up.

monogamy sex game


Travelling Overseas?

Worried about travelling overseas with toys? Don't be. The majority of honeymoon holiday destinations are sex toy friendly.

If you feel too awkward to put them in your carry on, then you can pack your toys in your checked-in bag.

People travel with sex toys all the time, so the airport staff and customs won't be bothered by a vibrator, strap-on harness, or bottle of lube.

Here is an image of the countries you are not allowed to bring sex toys into:

sex toy banned countries

The sex toy world is your oyster and you can bring anything you want on your honeymoon (as long as it fits in your suitcase). Make sure you have everything on your travelling overseas checklist.

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