The Lesbian's Guide To Strapless Dildos

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There is always a big question of what to choose when selecting your next sex toy. The range available is massive, and you sometimes end up confused with the purpose of some toys.

Dildos are always a safe bet. These sex toys have been around since caveman days and still provide immense pleasure in the bedroom. People of all orientations can enjoy the excitement they provide, but lesbian couples are particularly fond of this tool.

Of course, dildos come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. However today we are going to focus our attention on one of the least understood variations of the dildo — the strapless strap on or strapless dildo.

What is a Strapless Strap On?

There are many different variants of dildos, most of them hand-held or connected to strap on harnesses in some way.

Though every toy has its own unique appeal, this particular one is specifically designed for the ultimate pleasure of lesbian partners.

This doesn't mean that heterosexual couples or homosexual male couples should not try it. It just means that the original idea was to help intercourse between two women.

Basically, a strapless strap on is like a two-sided dildo. Both ends of the sex toy are meant to be used for sexual pleasure. However, the double-ended dildo resembles the letter “I,” while the strapless dildo is reminiscent of the letter “L.”

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The shorter side is known as the “pony.” It is a shorter dildo that you insert into your vagina and hold in place with your vaginal muscles.

The longer end of the dildo usually resembles a penis and sticks out in a way a real penis would.

Once the pony is inserted, you can penetrate your partner. Penetration can be vaginally or anally, depending on your preferences.

This dildo is not physically attached to the body, making it different from other lesbian dildos like a traditional strap ons dildo. Most strap ons come with a harness, jockstrap, or some kind of underwear that attaches to the dildo.

Although strap ons are fun and offer an arousing sexual adventure, the original strapless dildo offers a unique experience and many alternative sex positions.

How Does a Strapless Strapon Work?

The design behind double strap ons is very clever. What makes this sex toy so amazing is the experience allows for body to body contact without the need for a strap on harness.

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How to Use Strapless Dildo?

The technique is easy. As mentioned earlier, the shorter end of the strapless dildos is inserted into the vagina of the wearer. Once the “pony” is in position, the longer end will be pointing out with its long shaft.

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The wearer holds the pony in place with the strength of her vaginal muscles and controls it by tightening and relaxing her vagina.

She can maneuver the long penis end, and use it to penetrate her partner hands-free. The penetration can be either vaginal or anal. This means hetero couples can also use a strapless dildo if they are interested in exploring new toys in the bedroom.

However, there are a couple of things to know before trying this exciting lesbian sex toy.

  • The wearer must have strong Kegels (pelvic floor muscles).
  • It’s better if you use lube.
  • Get the size right.


Kegel Balls

In case you didn’t know, pelvic floor muscles are called Kegels. They are the ones that contract during an orgasm, hence they are also known as orgasm muscles. Your kegel muscles must be strong because you are controlling a strapless dildo with them.

If your pelvic floor and vagina muscles are not strong, you can use kegel balls to do kegel exercises to build them up.

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They consist of squeezing the pelvic muscular system at regular intervals. You should squeeze them and hold for a couple of seconds, as if you are holding in a wee, and then relax. By doing this simple exercise routine for 15 minutes every day, you will see the benefits after about two weeks. You can also use Ben Wa balls as part of your routine.

It is crucial to develop strong Kegel muscles because operating strapless strap on dildos is not a breeze. Once you get the hang of it, you will be having amazing sexual adventures with your partner.


A strapless dildo can be an exhilarating experience. To make it more pleasurable, we always advise you to use a long-lasting lubricant to enhance the enjoyment.

Water-based lubes are an excellent choice for vaginal play, while anal sex works better with a silicone-based lubricant. If the intercourse is longer, or either partner is dry for various reasons, the friction can make it painful, so lubes can be a necessary and pleasant aid.

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Don’t go overboard with larger sizes to begin with. Large dildos may look alluring, but we would recommend starting with smaller ones. The length and girth of the shaft sizes are important when choosing your toy.

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Heterosexual couples and those trying strapless toys for anal pleasure should consider strapons with a shorter, tapered shaft. The idea is to stimulate the prostate or the male G-spot which is not very far up the rectum.

Why Are Strapless Strap Ons Perfect for Lesbians?

The nickname for this great dildo is the lesbian strapless strap on. Make no mistake; it’s an excellent sex toy for many types of couples, but girl-on-girl couples benefit the most from the purpose built strapless strap on.

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First, we would highlight the skin-to-skin feeling that a strap on dildo allows. While other sex gadgets may feel a bit cold and alienating, strap on sex increases intimacy and closeness. The item becomes a part of the body, enabling the partners to feel completely connected.

Just as with hetro sexual intercourse it provides the same physical stimulation to both female partners, simultaneously. While the wearer feels immense G-spot tactile exhilaration, the recipient can enjoy vaginal or anal penetration. Therefore, the satisfaction is complete for both people. You can feel the same sensations as your partner. Sexual intercourse is more nude, natural and exciting.

Useful Tips

Don’t despair if you find it difficult to use a strapless strap on at first. A bit of kegel exercise might be required to start with. Kegel muscles are often not very strong, so you may find it hard to control the bulb at first. Especially when you get wet. After a couple of times, however, you should get the hang of it, and it is very likely to become your favourite toy.

As odd as it may sound, beginners should go for strapons with bigger bulbs because they are way easier to hold. There will be some extra pressure on your G-spot, but that will be an exciting thing.

Once you master the strapless strap on, you can add more toys to the lesbian strapon sex experience. Using stimulating lubes and gels is always a good idea as they add extra pleasure. Clitoral vibrators or a bullet vibrator can also create intense orgasms. You might also add bondage sex toys like nipple clamps to increase the excitement and add a bit of kink to the sex play.

Take Away

Don’t be shy about experimenting with strap ons and double dildos! Getting adventurous is a great idea, especially when it comes to couples' sex. So pick your favourite colour, whether its a white dong, or a black dildo, strap it on and enjoy!

You can check out our range of lesbian dildos here.


The content provided on this site for informational purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Some bondage practices can be potentially harmful to you or your partner and should not be used before contacting a professional.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always happy to help out.

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